• Sevilla Silver #463-206

    Good morning, I have to say this is probably the first piece of jewelry that I have had to give a negative review.  This piece is so flimsy that it is ridiculous.  Never saw a stamp that said silver. The ring actually bends when you are putting it on.  The part that connects the chain to the ring is very fragile.  I would like to see this same design by Emma Skye.  This is my first purchase from Sevilla.  I just received 2 days ago and it is already on its way back. 

  • Hello , Customer feedback is important and valuable. I sent your comments to the Buying Team to be aware of your experience with this item and the return s&h fee has been waived.

  • Thank you Candace. I did not expect customer service to respond. I truly appreciate it. I believe this is my first return due to not being happy with an item. I still live Hsn and will continue to shop here. Once again thank you for taking the time.

  • Oops meant to say still love Hsn.

  • sunshine, how horrible!  I have a Sevilla silver necklace and earrings that I absolutely love.  I’m glad I didn’t order the Sevilla TS bracelet.  I don’t think I will be purchasing more Sevilla.  However, I have nothing but good luck with the Bellezza sister line.  Thank you for letting us know…

  • Hi Snowcollector. I think it may just be this particular bracelet. I checked the reviews on other items and for the most part the items have good ratings. I looked at my item and the reviews are starting to come in and they are not good. I will purchase another piece somewhere down the line and it will probably be a clearance item with many reviews.


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