• Yikes!!!!

    Im must be an old cheapskate because I will not pay over $50.00 for a pair of leggings.

  • I think they are overpriced but purchased them since I had a coupon and SK.

  • I get what you’re saying, but they are really good quality. They are very similar to Yummie brand and should last a long time. The regular retail price is correct and they sell at high end department stores for much more. I don’t mind paying more for something if it’s really good quality.

  • @ Imaoldhippie forgot to mention that I love your screen name. Made me smile because at times I am an old hippie too 🙂

    • Peace…….V

  • I completely understand paying more for good quality. I do that in shoes. But I have a hard time justifying to myself $50. for a pair of leggings. Hope you all enjoy your leggings.


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