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    I’ve had Wolfgang Puck cookware for over ten years and it has held up beautifully! I use the two handled ‘Everything’ pan for just that- Everything! I’ve used it for Enchiladas, Shepherd’s pie, soup, roasting meatloaf, boiling spaghetti- Everything! g

    His food processor was of industrial quality- Very heavy and strong! His knives are good… There hasn’t been a single problem with anything. His cookware handles stay secure and the pans never dent. I trust his products implicitly!

  • I like them also. Although one small pot has a ‘stain’ in it. I even used a brillo pad in/on it. I have the set with the wok and I wished a couple of the other pans had lids!!

  •  I agree that the tops run large. I find that G’s jeans fit true to size. I wear her Skinny Jeans, and the waist on those is what I consider normal (in between belly button and hip bones). I suggest u measure your front rise and back rise. Then compare those to the garment measurements of the jeans u r trying to decide between. 


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