• 410-478,386-380,382-347 and 389-639 to name a few. Thanks! :catembarrassed:

  • :smileylol: That’s why they call me PIZZAFACE!. Right in front of me! Thx.

  • You’re welcome, sheeshles.

  • Winter Lane…

    I’m sure this is a silly question, and one which you may or may not have an answer to, but do you know if there is any chance that HSN might get the Winter Lane Holiday Motion Light Projector with 12 Slides (former item number 416-699) back in stock before Christmas? I missed it when you had it for the Today’s Special back in July and have been (somewhat obsessively) checking the site for it ever since. *sob* I want one of these soooooo badly! :womanembarrassed: 

  • Hello Seanchai, I’ve reached out to our buyers to see what I can find out for you. Fingers crossed!


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