• What questions do you have for our world-traveling gemstone expert?


    Ask Jay: What questions do you have for our world-traveling gemstone expert? Ask your questions and stay tuned for Jay’s blog post on October 21 to see his answers!


  • I just want to say, HI JAY!    🙂

  • Hi Jay

    Was wondering about Mexican Cinnabar,  I see another channel sell it, is it rare? I just love the red & white colours, love to know if you use it or about it :smileyhappy: Thank You Sherri


  • Jay – my question: what are you going to do when the earth, mines run out of turquoise in the US? Seems like so many mines are running out and closing. I know you have a supply now but what happens when that is depleted ? # turquoise lover

  • Do you ever bring any faceted gems?  Also, the question I asked the last time was to get the measurements of the findings on your pendants.  The size of the bail for pendants would be great.  I’ve asked and asked.  Hope you can help, Jay King!


    Thank you.

  • What is your wife’s most favorite gemstone piece and why?

  • Hi Jay!


    Have you ever paired boulder chrysoprase with petrified wood? Or lapis with petrified wood? Or blue snakeskin jasper wih petrified wood?


    Of all the jewelry you have designed, what do you consider your masterpiece?

  • What’s your favorite place that you have visited during all of your travels? 

  • Seems some of the best gems are in countries where the governments are in turmoil.  I wonder how much of a concern your safety is in the places you have to travel to to get gems now?  What sort of precautions do you have to take?  What’s the scariest situation you have ever had to get out of?    


    I love your designs and all the special gems you find.  The details you provide make them ‘priceless’.

  • Jay, first of all love your work!! I am an avid collector and treasure all my pieces. My question is and I know you probably get asked it alot but I am so hoping for a yes. Is there ever going to be a possibility that you will be able to buy some more rainbow calsilica to make some more beautiful jewelry for us?????? I love it so much!!!!!

  • Hi Jay,

    I love your petrified wood necklace and earrings set they are beautiful:)

    Are you thinking of bringing more back and also, I love angels and crosses and hearts:)

    Thank you for always sharing your great mine finds:)




  • My question is how can we compare turquoise? I watch and only own sleeping beauty and kingman right now! I have seen so many choices and some are compressed and most are glued! I want to know if it takes away the value when you glue it?if it is absorbed like some with sweat and which methods are the best for giving to my grandchildren when they are old enough or if you have a suggestion on choices as far as these things are concerned. I don’t mind paying for what I am looking for but seems your honesty means alot in my book!Thanks for traveling to bring us the best and extremely rare gems absolutely learn so much when you present your gems!unique Exceptional Excellent show!!!

  • Hi Jay,

    In your opinion what is the best gem and the best buy for this gem?

    I love the Southwest look:)

    Peace and Love,



  • Hello Jay,

    Jill Erickson says that I should ask you this question, so here goes.

    It has to be maybe six years ago now when you offered a interchangeable earring stone TS.

    A upside down teardrop shape stones with a common silver finding that has a strip of inlaid blue turquoise. The upsale item was a matching pendant set. With a upsale package of additional stones offered at that time.  ( I purchased ALL of them by the way )

    During the presentation you mentioned the possibility of additional stones possibly offered at some point in the future.  You have found some pretty cool stones since then,,,,,, and we are still patiently waiting.  Say hi to Jill for me. ( she needs a raise ) ( ha-ha )

    By the way, all I do is collect and give some away, currently not counting rings I have over 

    Six hundred of your pieces.

    I wear your rings and a few of your cuffs for obvious reasons.

    Yours in Mine Finds,


    from Minneapolis 



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  • Hi Jay,  I purchased some copper pieces from you several years ago.  How can I get the copper to shine again?


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