• What is the best piece of jewelry you bought from HSN?

    What is the best piece of jewelry you bought from HSN? Share your picks and join the conversation Monday, April 24 with Adam Freeman for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card!

  • It’s touch to decide,from Nicky Butler baroque bracelet or Victoria vs canary diamond ring

    I have a question for anyone that can answer or post a picture. I know Jay King, who I love very much and trust him 100% he usually has some none dyed natural color angel skin coral
    for sale at least once a year that I know of.can anyone show me which multi strand necklace is the natural untreated one. I have a collection and I want to know which one is the authentic color.

  • The best piece of jewelry I bought from HSN is the “One Shine Fits All” Crystal Coil Necklace by Joan Boyce. I recently wore it to a wedding and it was a huge hit…..so beautiful. The coil necklace stayed in place. It is so versatile. I can dress it up with a beautiful dress or wear it with a casual chic outfit.

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  • Hi Adam,
    The best piece of jewelry I bought from HSN is Colleen Lopez Pink Opal earrings 🙂
    They just brighten up my whole day:)
    Jay King is good as well as Nicky Butler:)
    Good luck everybody:)

  • King Baby cuff links for my son. He had bought his first suit.
    Great price and great look. American made!

  • A Jay King sterling silver collar. I can put one of Jay’s pendants on it or a pendant that I already had and get a whole new look. Love how it has expanded my jewelry wardrobe.

  • Hard to say, because my “favorite” changes daily. Usually the piece or pieces I am wearing for the day are my favorites at the moment.

  • Way back when..When jewelry was 14k..I bought a birthday gift for my Sister..Her 50th.
    Amado’s 14k Cameo pendant and and a Michael Anthony 14k rope chain to go with it..
    She still wears it daily!..Now I need to top that for a retirement gift!

  • Hi Adam! I loved my Kristin Chenoweth “From Above” .44ctw CZ Sterling Silver Pavé Stud Arrow Earrings that I lost. Unfortunately, they are sold out or I would purchase another pair. They were perfect in every way. I don’t usually misplace things; hope they turn up soon!

  • My best piece of jewelry purchased from HSN is my Joan Boyce Pave neckwire. Joan offered them in so many delicious colors, I bought 4. I am known to wear 2 or 3 at the same time. So unique, beautiful AND excellent quality.

  • It was a Heidi Daus ring. It has beautiful stones in it, and it makes me happy to see the sparkle and to wear it.

  • I have so many pieces of jewelry from HSN, it’s impossible to remember, the best! For me they are all the best of the best! I like them today just like I liked them when I bought them. They have held up beautifully.

  • I have purchased many great jewelry items from HSN (why I am still acquiring more), but the one that stands out in my mind is this huge carved jade Buddha pendent from Colleen Lopez. The price was not marked down but was a fantastic price, substantial silver and it hangs practically to the waist. I love wearing it!

  • Without a doubt my Castle ring from Heidi Daus. Its gorgeous and so many people grab my hand to look at it. I say that my husband said he was going to buy me a castle and he did. The only difference is, I can where it on my finger and show it off.

  • The very first piece of jewelry I purchased from HSN is my favorite…a marcasite snake necklace. I collect marcasite jewelry and this necklace is so unique. I wear it often as it is my “go to” piece.


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