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    Love her, respect her, but can not watch her due to her constant “LOOK AT THIS” , ” THE POWER OF”. Please just talk to us Trish, we see. ItJUST started and she has already said this sooo many times, I know I cant make it through, so how can I buy. Now Amy is doing it….arghhh!

  • turned it on and in the first min i had it  on she said LOOK AT THIS 7 X..LOLTurned her off..

  • Why is her make up so expensive.  The models don’t look any better than with any other brand???

  • She’s only been here 2 years, and didn’t start out like that.  At first she coudn’t even find the camera, lol…


    I think there’s alot of coaching going on combined with getting caught up in her own hype.


    The look at this, and the power of that has been steadily becoming repeated over and over with every visit.


    She’s noted for her brushes, and her line has always been high end London.


    Just for the record, I like her line. 



  • I agree “the power of” repeated over and over is annoying.   I tried her line a couple of years ago (eye shadows, foundation, etc) and it was just OK, nothing special.   The shadows are not highly pigmented and don’t have great staying power.  I did love the concealer which isn’t offered here and her brushes lasted a long time.

  • Trish is lovely, but over the yrs I’ve noticed that the “afters” often look just as good or worse than the “befores,” IMO. It isn’t rocket science. When she puts that stupid “triangle of light” on any skin tone other than light-med, it looks horrible and draws attention to the under eye area in a bad way. Her cosmetics r not reasonably priced for me. I’m too dark anyways!

  • What is so great about “Cat Eyes”, every time HSN has a beauty show on, and they show eye shadow, it has to do with “Cat Eyes”.. All the eye shadows are dark. Will the lighter shades ever come back? I like the lighter shades, which are hard to find.

  • Trish, ur model Jackie looks perfect in her BEFORE photo. Now her under eye area is glowing white against her tan skin. This is not impressive or enticing. I’m about to jump thru my tv, rip that brush out of ur hand, and start over. ??????

  • As I ponder this, I am thinking it may be some type of “sales” technique she has adopted that really is a very subtle form of brain washing by repetition. I know her MU is quality, but please $600.00 can go a very long way in todays market…. I am not seeing a true value here.WHy am I going to buy for her brush when I just picked up artist??? Ummm, I am not! 

  • Was just about to start a convo on the “Power of” and” Look at this” cause I couldn’t take it anymore.

    I know I know…just turn it off or mute it!  Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. Glad to see you all feel the same including the prices so DITTO to everything said.

  • I am sitting here “VAPOR-LOCKED” with laughter.  Ya’ll are killing me!!!  Yes, I did notice that about Trish.  WOW!!!  Really, she needs to STOP.  It so reminds me of Lisa Robertson on the “Q”.   She would always say a word twice or maybe three times…i.e., ” This watch is so so beautiful” or “Love, love love this”..”it’s made so beautiful beautiful”….. swear to George I was gonna pull my ears off.  Now Trish does the same thing.  I really enjoy to MUTE when someone aggrivates me.  And I will agree with all of you on her pricing.  It’s just really too high.  I know her brushes are well made and I have used her concealer (which was given to me by a friend) and it was good.  Not everyone can afford those prices.


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