• TanTowel – A Joke

    HSN, plz tell the TanTowel lady to go get a spray tan. Her product is sooo outdated. The lady even says they haven’t changed the formula in the past 16 years! She makes fun of the spray tan booth, which, in 2016, is EXTREMELY high tech and mistake proof w multiple options to personalize your self tanning experience.


    The TanTowel lady needs to go do some research and check out her competition. She says that spray tans r sooo expensive, but, as w her product, u can buy them in packages. Mine allows me to spray tan AND tan in any bed every single day for 50 bucks a month, no contract. 


    TanTowels r orange, drying, and skip as u drag them over the skin. They produce very little color, and u DO need to exfoliate prior to use. For customers who feel the same way but cannot leave the house to tan, there r at home options that r much more advanced and innovative. Don’t give up bc TanTowel let u down!


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