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    I got the ‘always sharp 3D liner’ but I can’t figure out how to get into it. Is there a plastic cover on the barrel of the product that I need to take off. Looking at it and feeling it I can’t tell. I don’t want to twist or turn because I realized I might miss the product up

  • Peaji—It is tricky—-yes the celo seal needs to peel off- Take a small sharp object and being careful slice into the wrap- The cap is an angular style so be careful at firts taking the cap off as it is really on tight- LET ME KNOW IF I CAN BE OF MORE HELP- BEAUTYBOY:heart:

  • BEAUTYBOY, thanks for helping me. Is the wrapper on the whole barrel or just where the top is

  • Thanks I’ll keep trying

  • Okay I’m going to try that. I’ll let you know what happens

  • I may have to send this back. I still can’t get into it. I’m going to stop trying. Thanks so much for sticking with me and trying to help

  • Hi Peaj1, I left you a suggestion on the thread you started in customer service.  Can you take it to a store like Ulta near you?  The people working there may be able to help you unwrap the darn thing.  It’s a little inconvenient, but if you want to keep the product it might help.


    BB- great suggestions!  Some of these beauty products can be difficult to get open.

  • Thanks everyone for your help. BEAUTYBOY thank you for trying so hard to help me and for being so kind. I continued to work with the liners as you told me to and was able to finally get into them.  Thanks again for sticking with me the other night abd offering your help.


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