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    I was wondering what all of you think about Signature Club A. I have a ton of it and, if I am honest, I don’t know how much it helps me. I hear all of you talk about other companies on HSN who sell wrinkle creams and moisturizers and rave at the results. I haven’t seen results that I can rave about. On the other hand, my complexion hasn’t worsened either. So how does Adrienne’s products compare to the ones everybody uses?



  • I use SCA Retinol Capsules and the Skin Spa Supercharger tool, which I like. I use so many skincare brands, bc one single brand does not have everything I want! I am a Licensed Managing Esthetician…too much at my disposal.  On HSN I like:


    SERIOUS SKINCARE Glycolic Cleanser and Pads


    ELYSEE Pycnogenol, Line Diminishing Gel, Bioaccel-SB, Optim-Ox, Enviro-Shield, Face Appeal, Neck Decollete Bustline Firmer


    KORRES Wild Rose Bright & Radiant Skin Trio, Black Pine Sleeping Oil


    M. ASAM Vinolift Body Lotion


    I have products that r new to me from M. Asam and Dr. Graf on the way, so I cannot recommend them just yet. 😉

  • Hi Pam,

    I use a few SCA products. I am faithful to a few different brands and bounce between brands every few weeks. I know it might sound crazy, but I believe your skin reaches a plateau. I don’t have any scientific research to back up my claim. I have done it this way for years and it works well for me. In addition to SCA, I use Perlier, Philosophy and It Confidence Cream. Looking at your avatar picture, you have beautiful skin. You are a beautiful lady. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it is working! 

  • I have used some staple SCA products over many years and tried many other SCA items and other lines.

    With SCA, I wonder the same myself.  I love the meltdowns, vitamin c capsules and Retinol capsules and still use them (except the c capsules haven’t bought for a while) but this year I noticed my skin changing a bit  and am wondering  if I should try or possibly add another product.


    SCA does seem to offer great  options.  WHen traveling a while back, I ordered the Argan Travel size and have also used the line in winter.


    On a separate note, you look very similiar to my Mother in her younger years. I just held your picture up to my husband and didn’t say anything and he thought the same. Wow.


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