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    Is Sharif being phased out at HSN? I certainly hope not. His brand is outstanding and NONE of the “newer” brands are as creative or well made. Sharif is king. I hope a new collection has simply not been posted on the site yet. It would truly be a mistake to get rid of this brand Mindy Grossman.

  • Sharif’s final show was about 2 months ago. He said he was moving on to new endeavors. Grab what you can while it’s on clearance. His designs will be missed!

  • Has anyone ordered the Blue Moroccan Kiln bag and received one with a totally different material than either of the ones shown online? First time in community no idea if this will work.

    • I can no longer bring up Sharif on the HSN website!!!! SOOOO SAD!!

  • I had a few on my wish list. I can still access them, but not any others. A couple of these dropped in price within the last 24 hours.

    Item # 487-994
    Sharif Leather Handpainted Fringe Crossbody – American Flag. $99.95 (10 left)

    Sharif Fringe Crossbody

  • Item # 505-728
    Sharif Novelty Eyes Faux Fur Crossbody $39.95 (Big price drop today) 3 Colors available
    Sharif Crossbody

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  • Item # 519-455
    Sharif Perforated Collage Tote and Wristlet Set – Four colors available Dropped from $99.95 to $59.95 today.
    Sharif Totebag

  • Item #519-473
    Sharif Butterfly Collage Phone Crossbody Wristlet Bag. Five colors available. Matches the Tote bag set.
    Sharif Wristlet

  • Item # 519-394
    Sharif Flower Collage Phone Crossbody Wristlet Bag. Three colors availble. $39.95
    Sharif Wristlet

  • Item # 503-348
    Sharif Faux Fur Key Fob Purse Charm. Seven colors available. $14.95
    Shaif Purse Charm

  • Item # 477-813
    Sharif Organizer Crossbody with Suede Phone Pocket. $49.95. This has gone in and out of stock the last few days.
    Sharif Organizer

  • Thanks Nteshade! I manage to order 3 more purses today. That makes 14 in the last 3 weeks. This may require therapy.

  • I feel sad too. Sharif is a part of HSN. Terrible loss. I love his hand painted bags. Someone mentioned the paint was coming off. If my paint comes off I’ll go to the craft store and buy some paint to paint my bags with! I’m not sure what kind exactly but I’ll wait until I need to. I still like Emma Fox bags too. I get the impression that if the vendor isn’t making enough money they leave. I see that happening with Emma Fox one day.


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