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    Robert Irvine and lovely Callie are doing a great job This is my first time watching Irvine. He has some interesting products. I like the Halogen Oven. That TS Blender also  seems nice.

  •   Yeah I got the Wolfgang Puck blender  which doesn’t have the immersion blender and had to pay extra for the emulsifying disc.  This is a good deal.

  • That’s funny, because I think Robert looks very awkward and uncomfortable trying to get his items to look interesting. That slicer looks like your arm will ache after using it…and everything he sells on HSN looks cheap and plasticy.


    It’s just my opinion, though. I hope anyone who buys his stuff is happy with it.

  • I agree Robert looks very uncomfortable in presentations..


    Maybe it’s because none of the products are something original….They seem to slap their name on the same things everyone else is selling..Hoping we’ll fall for it because it has "their" name on it..and usually for more money..

  • I have a halogen oven – the dome is glass, heavy and awkward to handle in the single – if you drop it its toast.  The other thing is the glass lid gets hotter than the devil.  I used my two times – works good, but I had the Nuwave oven and bought this as a replacement – in my opinion it is not a replacement.  The Nuwave oven has a BPA free dome (plastic) which is lighter, comes apart easy for cleaning and is worth the extra cost.

    My glass halogen oven will be brought to the Goodwill equivalent in my town.

    There is a difference I believe in this quad chop – is there is a chopping blade, as well as you get the emulsifying disk included with the blender – where as Wolfgang’s is a separate purchase.

    I agree the rest of this products are just rebadged items.

    Wolfgang does seem to bring new innovations – i.e. his Pressure Oven

  • I wish the host would let Robert talk.  Every time he starts to talk, she talks over him. Can’t get a wrod in edgewise.

  • The TSV does look nice, my main interest would be the smoothies.  My Bullet 900 worked for 2 weeks!!

  • Robert is Doing His Thing today.  ….. Great Presentation Robert!

  • It looks like his TS is a dud, though. They’ve just had the "final presentation" of it but theres "only" 8600 sold and all colors are still available.
    I didn’t buy it nor was I tempted but that’s mostly because I have kitchen appliances coming out of my ears.

  • Something just seemed Off, though he did a good job.

    These days on channels,  Kitchen items are Big!  Channels just  can’t have a one person TS. You have to present Several Kitchen brands and items. You have to ‘Set it Up’ with other products and a spacious, airy,  inviting set.

     Also, HSN’s graphics is too large, too bold, too obtrusive. Soften it up and Shrink it.  

  • I bought bright green (love the color) and looking forward to making smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream.
    It’s a great price for stainless steel.

  • I think Robert did a Great job. I like his style! He is a cool dude!


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