• Rhonda Shear bras ??

    I am interested in Rhonda’s bras, But I have COPD and can not have anything tight around my ribs as it cuts off my breathing. Can any of you HELP me ?? Do they fit really tight underneath or are they rather loose and very stretchy ?? I love the way they look and watch when she is on, but have never ordered, because I have such a problem with bras !!!!! I have tried this type bra from other companies, not as good as Rhonda’s, but they were way to TIGHT. If any of you have an opinion I would love to hear what you think. Thanks, Val

  • While Rhonda’s bras are so very pretty, they did fit me a little snug and not very comfortable. I had read mixed reviews but wanted the colors and the pretty bras. For people with issues or dexterity issues someone told me about the SmartBra..which is online or at chain brick and mortar stores.
    I normally wouldn’t mention another brand, but someone helped me out. While they aren’t nearly as pretty as Rhonda Shear’s bras and not all the pretty colors, this might be what you are looking for.
    I don’t know if they will let this post or not.

    • Thank You very much, I will check on those other bras !! I really appreciate the info !!!

  • My wife, sister, and some other relations all ordered ms. shear’s items and nothing fit according to size so they all went back, an or was really a grave disappointment.

    As for having COPD I am sorry and know how many suffer with that terminal breathing disability.

    Since 9/11 occurred many people have succumbed to COPD, having sustained breathing difficulties with those symptoms of burning in their throats, tearing eyes, and, burning in their nostrils in addition to many long months of breathing in those very harmful toxic fumes and chemicals, which permeated their indoor residences, and outdoor environments. There was no getting away from that, so many came down with chronic COPD.

    Many of my friends and relatives have COPD from stages 1 through stages 4.

    “Their specialists always recommended they try the bras on at the stores with pro help to ensure their fit is correct,and still loose enough not to cause any breathing distress”.

    As for Ms. Shear’s bras, they are pretty but that is all because they do not fit according to size labeled on the items and many HSN Members already said that and returned them all for full refunds.

    Also they are not constructed for people with COPD or Asthma breathing issues.

    With Asthma and COPD a bra needs to be fitted with a pro help, primarily someone who specializes in bra comfort and support, and one who knows about lung diseases, in order to ensure the bra will not cause any harm to your COPD condition, and ability to breathe freely, while still being supported.

    Those with COPD and Asthma said they would not suggest buying Ms. Shear’s bras but rather be fitted in a store by a professional.

    Good luck to you.


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