• Rhonda Shear

    Have any of you bought any of her undergarments? I liked the TSV yesterday but I didn’t order anything. What is your opinion of it?

  • I love her pinup panties and my favorites are Pinup Panties ,

    I also like her pinup bras. I take out the pads and use them as sleeping bras. Her stuff runs SMALL though. I ordered the TS to check them out.

    I like her ombre leggings Ombre Leggings. I think they run more true to size. They are a nice weight and give nice support on the legs without being tight.

  • I think some of her stuff is great and other stuff is not. I LOVE Rhonda Shear Seamless “Ahh” Cotton-Blend Bra 3-pack (484-605). I have 9 colors! I got some of her bikini panties w lace last year, and the lace fell apart. I tried the Molded Cup Bra (516-477), but it fit very strangely and was uncomfortable. I have 3 of her Comfort Wraps – they run a little large for me, but I like them, except for one color has two tiny holes poked through the fabric.

    • I have the wrap with the chiffon trim in pink and black and just love them.

    • @maryf1962 Those r so pretty!

  • @pamlou I forgot to mention that I love the Rhonda Shear Seamless Long-Sleeve Arm Smoother (500-037)!!

  • I wear her Ahh bras, usually two at a time, almost all the time at home. I dislike molded cups and wires and love how they shape to my not-so-perfect-anymore self, providing moderate support and sometimes extra modesty, comfortably.

  • I ordered her 3 pack Pin Up Panty Set and the Smooth Tootsie seamless shaping leggings. I wonder if I could wear the leggings under jeans when I’m wearing a top that clings to my body. These leggings come up under your bra and hold you in. I wanted the seamless long sleeve arm smoother but they didn’t have my size. I sized up on my purchases.

    • @pamlou I bet u could wear it underneath. Try it! Good job sizing up w RS.

  • I am not that amply endowed – I like the pinup bra was tempted to get the TSV – but the seaming detail in the pinup bra ruins it for me – you can’t wear it with a tee shirt because that big ole seam shows up. I wish she would make a pinup bra and shaper without the wacky seaming detail.

    I appreciate the pads because the last thing I would want is a cold chill and have more showing than I want! LOL.

    • @meezergeezer Exactly! The seams are awful! The totally show through a top.

  • I was looking at the pinup bras to match the pinup panty set I bought. I am large busted and need support. Do these bras offer much support?

    • @pamlou Those are listed as having medium support, but I felt like they were more of a light support. The seams on the cups and the itchy elastic band were problems for me.

  • I have one of these, in fact I have it on today. I go by the sizing and since I am a 46D I should get a 2x. However, I got that size and it wouldn’t fit. I got the 3x and it is too big. But I love the feeling of not being cut in half by a bra. I don’t like the ladies falling off to the sides because the bra part is too big. So, I only wear this when I am going to have several layers and the shaping won’t matter as much. I sometines have worn an AHH bra underneath so they are held a little tighter and then I get some shaping. I want to get the blue and white in the TSV but I don’t want the same shaping problem. Otherwise I love it. I am really torn about maybe trying the 2x again to see if I perhaps got a dud the time I tried that size but I detest sending things back and since I buy some DG2, I send stuff back more than I would like. 🙂

  • My pin up panties and bras came in and they fit! Will wonders ever cease. I finally have pretty underwear. I bought the jewel tone and just ordered another set of the brights. Hopefully they will all be in by the time I go to Vegas on the 9th. The smooth tootsie leggings are another matter. I was able to get them on but I keep thinking I’m too old to wear such tight leggings. I put my jeans on over them and it was a tight fit. Today I am going to try my skinny pants over them. My whole reasoning for buying these is to hold my midsection in. Anybody else wear them in place of Spanx?
    Plus i am forever in the bathroom and wondered if I had to break into a sweat getting them up and down. I can remember the days I wouldn’t wear jeans unless I had to lay in the bed to get them zipped and buttoned. Thank goodness for stretch! I couldn’t do the skin tight jeans anymore.


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