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    I have been playing the Reward Store since last November i only play the egg game i got really high scores and never one a thing from HSN for entering! I have bought tickets over and over and over to win the 250 gift card! Im thinking this rewards game may be bogus.. Very sad …Marie

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  • Charly11, HSN reported over 1 million Arcade players a couple of years ago. With that many people playing, even if only a small percentage enter for the rewards, the odds of any one individual winning are not very good. Each sweepstakes is an individual drawing. There are many people her who have played for 4 or more years and never won. That doesn’t make the sweepstakes bogus. On the other hand, I’ve been one of the lucky ones. I’ve won in the Rewards Store 4 times over the last 4 years–interestingly enough, I won twice in a short span of time and then twice a couple years later in another short span of time. I have also entered (mostly by playing, but also with alternate entries) 20 entries for every Game of the Week reward since it’s inception. If I win, Woohoo!!!; but if I don’t, I had fun playing the games.

  • @charly11 I also have won in the Rewards Store 2 x a couple of years ago. I also was one of the first Game Of The Week Winners. It was worked a bit differently then and I won $400.00! But that also was a couple of years ago.
    Like @lizzie818 said enjoy playing the games and if you win Fantastic, but not at least it’s fun.
    And there are lots of games here, try playing a few others, you never know, you might find a new addiction!
    And don’t forget to play Spin2Win. You can get more tickets there to try to win some of the prizes.
    Hope to see your name in “lights” soon!

  • Well for one thing this Charly 11 dont exist anymore its my old account !!! Im Marie and not Charly 11 anymore since 2000 my email is ********** U play every week and i by Tickets every week and nothi g happens ! I dont wish to play any new games i only play the egg game ,dont know how on tbe others ,with that said I been trying for months just to win a 250.00 gift card and the 25 .00 gift card but i really need the larger one…Anyway i still dont believe that if someone buys tickets all the time they should win at least once!

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  • Who is using my old account,Charly 11???? Im Marie and i havnt had that account since 2000… i been buying reward tickets and the spin game since Nov 2016 til now… i been buying tickets to win 250.00 Gift Card ever since Nov til now!!! I dont know why yall keep using my old account…i even called costumer seevice to have my old account Charly 11 removed!!! Anyway thats why i dont believe tje spin n win game or egg game helps anyone win ! I had tried it every week since Nov 2016 til now April 21 2017

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  • This is my old account thats suppose to be closwd i had in 2000 my new account is *********

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