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    This is a warning about buying Proform exercise bikes from HSN.  I particularly mention HSN because I purchased from them but could not get any help from them.  They advertised the Proform XBike like it was a treasure but its been a problem for me because I haven’t been able to get help.  The bike arrived scratch which isn’t that bad but the odometer doesn’t work.  I tried emailing HSN and Proform with no response.  Finally on 1/21/17 I was able to speak to a Proform rep and let me tell you it takes waiting at least 20-25 minutes on the phone to speak to someone.  Here’s the kicker, I had to take the bottom part of the bike apart to reach the reed switch for adjustment.  I told the rep I didn’t want to do that and asked why he just couldn’t send me a new odometer.  He said they don’t do that until the reed switch is tried.  Great! The bike is just a couple of weeks old and already I had to take apart which I might add was not easy for me.  Fine, I took the bike apart, tried adjusting the reed switch which has to be done carefully and slowly and nothing.  It still doesn’t work.  Just called back today and the only thing they can do is send me a new reed switch.  I protested to the rep telling him I don’t want to take the bike apart again but he said this is the only thing they can do for me. 

    I asked HSN if I could send this bike back.  She said I could but it would be at my expense.  She checked the s&h for me and guess what, it’s $100.00!  Last time I ever buy anything big and heavy from HSN.  It seems to me they don’t want to be bothered with you after the purchase.  I think they should be more responsible and I’m sure many of you agree with me.

  • , your story is very sad and I’m sorry this happened to you. HSN will absolutely waive the return s&h for a defective item. I also apologize that the representative didn’t make this policy clear to you at the start. I’ll make the arrangements and Private Message you with details.


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