• philips air fryer

    Will there be a cook book dediacted to just this arifryer ???

  • I’ve been looking for one too. I found that Evine Live host (and ex-HSN host) Allison Waggoner wrote one – it’s sold on Evine. Allison went to culinary school, so she’s not "just" a home cook – and no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with home cooks!!! I should be receiving this book within the next week or so. I’ll post my thoughts if you want. Just let me know! And check Amazon to see if there are others out there (there have to be, right??).

  • pansy977, I sure hope they come out with one because it would make it so much easier for people to really enjoy the benefits of air frying.  Touch and go testing is good, but sometimes wasteful. 


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