• Perlier

    It’s such a joy to watch Skip, Amanda and Bobby.

  • Totally agree. I always dvr Perlier when it’s on if I can’t watch. I have way too much lol but I really enjoy watching,

  • Wow!!!:womansurprised: Sold Out!  I also brought 479-131 Honey Lemon 3-piece Kit:heart:


    I love Perlier:heart: Thanks Skip and Amanda:heart:

  • I have never tried Perlier but decided to give the Elixir a try.  I like that I can add it to what I am already doing (SSC glycolic pads and Pure Peptides).  Or at least I thinkI can.

  • Skip made the comment that his mother no longer wears makeup base after using their product. I wonder how old she is. Anybody know?

  • , I so agree with you on Skip and Amanda.  Totally love PERLIER.  Purchase products all the time. During the holidays I decided to purchase the HONEY ROYAL ELIXIR YOUTH SERUM DUO.  Had a coupon and saved (it’s a little pricey).  Received it, and loved the way it worked.  My skin looked really smooth, and different.  Make-up looked really attractive.  I’m a little picky on products, but; this one will be a ‘KEEPER!’.



  • I always look forward to Skip and Amanda coming to visit. I learn so much and they are so funny too! Love, love, love the products!!! I am a Perlier girl 🙂

  • , Yes sister-girlfriend it is high, and that is the price.  Maybe wait till the next airing on Perlier (maybe they will have a Valentine’s special or for sure their anniversary time) it can be introduced with a special time pricing.  Got mine during their anniversary.  Just wait…and see…and judge at the time.


    , thank you for your kind words.  My hubby always has something up his sleeve.  Give you example:  the other day he said, “come on Boo, we are going for a ride”.  We drove to the beach.  He wanted to hold hands and walk the beach.  Then we have this little portable picnic table, you just pop it up, and ‘BAM’ you can utilize it.  Well, he brought it with us and had stopped earlier before hand at Subway to get sandwiches, chips and drinks.  So we walked the beach then he set up our little picnic…table and food.  It was so relaxing, romantic and fun! :womanwink:

  • I enjoy watching them. I may not buy anything but I so enjoy watching them engage, laugh and just be themselves, lol. 


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