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    I love this Perlier Shea Butter Intensive Nurturing Body Balm with Tuberose Extract! Has anyone tried this? It glides on lovely like the Honey Body Balm but is a bit thicker. It really melts into my skin nicely and feels more moisturizing than the Honey. The fragrance is heavy but absolutely divine. Thx for the sample! Keep em coming!

  • @kemiqueen, I have this, too, unopened. When I read your post I opened the one you mentioned and it is heavenly. I also have a large tube of Honey Miel honey and vanilla body butter that I love. It makes my hands so soft and moisturized. I don’t like the scent of the Honey Miel bath gel but I love the butter.I hope this product has a long shelf life because I have bukoos of it. I also have the sample box of their hand cream and much prefer the butters. Last year I gave these samples of hand cream as Christmas gifts.

    • @pamlou Was it u who said on another thread that wanted to try the Perlier Honey Tightening 2-piece Kit (495-839)? Unfortunately, I did not care for that set and saw no results.

    • @kemiqueen, I ordered it but haven’t opened it yet. I’m still shaking my head over the fact that I ordered it in the first place. Live and learn. Then again, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

  • I received the Tuberose sample in a recent order too and thanks to Kemiqueen decided to open it sooner rather than later! I used it after my shower this morning and really love this scent. It envelopes you in its fragrance (I like to smell what I’m using) and sinks right into the skin especially when damp. Thanks to Perlier for the sample; I hope they do this more often; this one definite provides an incentive to buy!

    • I’m glad u like it too! I hope they offer this in a jumbo size, but I don’t see one yet. Maybe it will be the next TS.

  • Hello Girls,

    I too received a sample of Perlier in my boxes from HSN.

    Yes I love it. I hope they do have a larger size.

  • It sure smells yummy! Skip and Amanda will be here soon with their annual Mother’s Day gift sets. I bet Tuberose will be one of the scents offered. Their Mother’s Day show is one of my favorites. Guest appearances include Skip’s wife Katie, Skip’s children, and his Grandmother. By the way, his grandmother is turning 100 years old soon and she looks fabulous! A lot of fun with some great deals.

    Perlier will be on HSN
    Thursday, April 26th @ 7am, 11am, and 12pm
    Today’s Special on Friday, April 27th @ 12am, 1am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 11pm
    Saturday, April 29th@ 9am, 10am, 2pm, and 3pm

    Happy Perlier watching and shopping!

    • Thank you, @southernlights55. I see y’all are all talking about free samples that came in your purchases. Lord knows I have been ordering up a storm but no freebies for me 🙁 Instead, I purchased their box of 12 (I think its 12, maybe not) 1 oz variety packs. I’m planning on trying all the different fragrances before their show.

    • Sorry, Pamlou. They were recently sent out with orders received within the last week or so. Perlier is really good about samples. Especially before launching a new fragrance. If you get a delivery soon, I bet you’ll get a sample.

  • It’s great to see Perlier bringing back the popular Elaria scents.

  • @velveteenrabbit7 I just looked in my sample box and didn’t see any Elaria. I will check it out on the web page. Does everybody have one favorite fragrance in their hand butters? I haven’t tried them all yet so the jury is out for me. The 27th will be a good HSN day for me because that’s the day Joan will be on, too.

    • Pamlou, Elaria was a sister company under Perlier . The Elaria brand was discontinued years ago. There were many, many popular scents under the Elaria name. People have been asking for years for these to be brought back. Tuberose was probably the most popular Shea under Elaria.

    • Sure loved that Elariia Gardenia and Lilac too. I haven’t found anything quite like them anywhere.

    • @pamlou. Yes, Perlier and Joan Boyce will be an expensive day. I love them both. Wore my Joan Boyce pave necklace, pave bracelet, and pave earrings to a party Saturday night. Women stopped me to admire my jewelry. I was blinged out to the max. Joan’s jewelry always makes us sparkle.

  • @southernlights, I love my Joan jewelry, especially her bracelets. I bet you looked great all blinged out with Joan 🙂 @velveteenrabbit7 it seems foolish to discontinue something that was obviously so popular. Maybe they are realizing their mistake. Did I hear one of the hosts call Skip “Prince”?

    • Yes Pamlou, the Borgheses are Italian royalty!

    • @pamlou when you have time or if you’re interested, Google the Borghese name. Their history is interesting and you can read about all the good things the family does in their spare time. Lorenzo (he was on The Bachelor) is active with Animal Aid. Skip and Katie are huge supporters of More Than Me. You’ll also find a story about a lawsuit pertaining to selling their Borghese line and starting Perlier. I love supporting a company who gives back. The Borghese family certainly are trying to make a difference in the world.

    • @southernlights55 that is very interesting. Thanks for the info. I will definitely Google them.

  • I love all of the Honey lines. I bought the Imperial Honey Perfume. Nobody else makes Honey perfume. It has a little of a deep woody undertone, very much smells like honey. I was so happy to see this product. I bought 2 bottles. I hope they never discontinue it.(in the past they had honey perfume under the elaria line, but they really need one Honey perfume they continue to make and I hope it is this imperial Honey Perfume, thank you bee keeper in Sicily)
    The sample lotions are the best way to try the product line. I also hope they will have the Honey Bars of soap and Hair Shampoo in the future. The lavender line is also nice for the summertime. I bought quite a few products today. I think I got some pretty good deals with the sale items they had. I have my eye on the handbag with products in it. Something tells me that might be the Today Special.

    • @logical, I got the perfume, too, and like it. I have the box of 1 oz samples (9) of all the different scents. I’m having fun trying them all. They were only $19 for the box and it is a wonderful way of trying them all out. As I posted before, I even gave the boxes as Christmas presents.

    • I love the honey bars of soap too. Hope they bring them back soon. I also buy from their website and the bars have been sold out for a long time. I bet you’re right about the bag with products as the TS. A few years ago they offered a canvas tote bag with products. It’s really nice quality and I use it for traveling.

  • I was so thrilled to see that sample of the Perlier tuberose in my HSN order!!! I had already ordered the bath and body two piece set at a great price the first time it showed up but I think it’s such a good idea since tuberose is not commonly known. I love it’s heady exotic scent.The tubersose is heavily scented. I also got the White Musk set which is such a discrete and quiet scent. It’s soft enough for a small child. It is NOT your Jovan musk of the 80s.

  • I was just looking at the program guide and they are selling a 2 piece set of tuberose for $23.50. I just thought everybody would want to know. @kemiqueen, @bobzi, @sheba2011, @southernlights55,
    @Velveteenrabitt7, @logical, @comfortalways. Hopefully my shoutout will get your attention so you see this 🙂 Opps, the new and improved community doesn’t do that anymore and I’m too lazy to delete the above 🙂

    • Thanks Pamlou! I think @comfortalways nailed the description of tuberose. Heady, exotic scent is a perfect description.

    • @pamlou Thanks, doll!

  • I loved the original Elariia Tuberose, very sweet and subtle. The new is a much stronger floral. To me they smell very different. I love Perlier’s Shea formula. Just got the duo of Vanilla and original Almond. Yummy! 🙂


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