• OPI 38th Birthday Mini Lacquers Box Set……38 minis!


  • Is it a good price Vette??? I would buy that for my Aunty who has the most beautiful hands and she does her own manicure!! Like you do!! :heart:

  • Fantastic assortment of colors!   I would wear all of them except the  few that are orangey.

  • 426-010


    Some of those I wouldn’t wear either…too orange…but I have GRANDDAUGHTERS!!!! Thinking stocking stuffers! :smileywink:

  • Here is a full size by the mini. I’ve read reviews about people not understanding how small they are when they get the mini sets and getting upset. They do look much larger on tv.



  • This s a great buy !

  • Great gift idea…think my granddaughters will love it!  I tend to wear the same colors over and over again…

  • I hope they bring this back by the end of HSN Birthday Month. I watch the last airing and by the time I got online there was 1 left and then gone. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • I jumped on these polishes.  You can get at least 2 full mani pedi’s out of them easily if not 3 or 4. 


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