• Nutribullet

    I have a nutribllet which I love, but mine is quite hard to get it to start once I push down on the cup, anyone else have this happen?

  • Good Morning to You, Lindy38… at least yours is working. My new nutri bullet 900 is sitting in a box, since we used it several times, but could not stop it from leaking.  I really do not know why they have so many problems with it. I went for a different brand. and yeah, it works.


    Hoping you can find out why yours is acting up… Good Luck and Wishing you a super awesome weekend, enjoy. xoxo Toffeedude xxoxJustPeekingInHaveAGreatDayCat.gif

  • Hello I have a wolf gang puck  food processor and i make icream out of frozen fruit that works really well it zips right through frozen  fruit



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