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    I have been using my new Minc machine with Anna’s die-cuts and it works quite well. I made copies on cardstock at Staples and the foil coverage is very bad. I also made copies on regular paper with Staple’s laser printer and that seems to work much better.
    Very strange that I cannot get good coverage on cardstock but appear to be fine on flimsy paper. Can anyone please help me?

  • Did you make the copies or use the copier machines yourself. If you did the ink is not toner ink. You have to have the girls behind the counter do it as they are the only ones that can use the machines with toner. I had several pages of toner made and asked to make as dark as she could. They are perfect and work like a.charm. I have since purchased a brothe toner printer. It was a great price and my print and cuts from deign space is super. Hope this helps.

  • Forgot to say I asked them to use white card stock. I think it was like thirteen vets a copy.


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