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    Is there anyway as customers we can contact these jewelry designers? I would like to inquire about a necklace MA sold a while back. Thanks.

  • Hello , I apologize for the delay in this response. Michael Anthony (Everyday Gold) can be contacted at 1-800-828-1424.

  • Rjb25302  I hope you can get good results on your inquiry about the necklace you are interested in.  My wife has purchased from him for years.  She has many of his pieces that were made in 14k that are just as nice now as when purchased them over 20 years ago including necklaces.  Today she received Item no. 470-392.  A 10k two cat heart pendant with diamond cutting around the outside.  She put it on her Michael Anthony 14k gold neckless and it shines every bit as nice in detail……Ronnie??

  • I just love Michael Anthony’s jewerly. I love the insight he gives us when he is on. I learn so much from him. Can’t wait for him to come back. Thank you HSN for having such a wonderful person. :),Tori

  • i love you michael anthony!!! i must say, all michael anthony jewelry, all the time!!! love it. xoxo

  • I love Michael Anthony jewlery! I have many pieces along with the many I have given my daughter. 


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