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    I love Marla’s clothes,but once you add up the three layers for just a top you spent about $150 dollars and thats without pants. Lol. This way of dressing would have to be a large investment to get many outfits out of it. I would need to spend hundreds of dollars to make the layers wardrobe worth it.

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  • I swear Marla said to go to Wynnelayers.com to see different ways these pieces can be worn, but that website doesn’t seem to exist.
    And I agree with JADiva. Her prices are…pricey!

    • I was looking for those photos as well and could not find them.

    • Marla DID say Marlawynnlayers.com – agree, does not exist. I think just http://www.marlawynne.com is what she meant and you can get a few ideas.

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  • As a person who has been big my whole life and finally lost weight, I am very conscious ot things that would add weight to how I look. I thought these things would make me look bigger. I may very well be wrong but that was my first thought when I was watching. I did buy her capelet when I bought my Beauty and the Beast things and it is very pretty and figure flattering. Just added that to show I do like her things and have quite a few of her outfits. It was just these new layering things that I had this opinion about. If any of you are well padded and order, please let me know your feelings.

  • Pamlou, You are correct, I am a size 8 in her clothes and many of them do make me look bigger, some of her styles are great. I like the tanks, but I have to cover my arms (because I hate them from gaining and loosing weight so many times). Once you start adding some of the jacket type tops I feel larger. These layers re thin and floaty looking so they might not look bad, but once you add up three layers for a top part and a pair of pants you are looking at nearly $250 for one outfit. I am not sure those fabrics are worth it.

  • I ordered 2 sets of the layering tanks, they said they were 96% viscose and 4% spandex. I heard Marla state that they were rayon and spandex. So I shall see when they arrive. I ordered online before her presentation. I like the feel of rayon spandex, however it pills up after a few wearings.

  • ALL of the models look bad in her junk, even the tall skinny models.

    • disagree…only the large size dark-haired model has no clue how to move or show off the clothes…all other models are wonderful and clothes are fantastic!!

  • Yep. I just purchased two. The prices are hi. I liked more but as you said just too much $.

  • It does add up. I was slightly discouraged and overwhelmed. I did get two jets of the under tanks and the open poncho in white. The stuff sells out just too darn fast.

  • I just got the baby boucle v neck and it is sooo soft. I thought it was going to be the texture of the boxy kimono sweaters last year that came with camis. So much softer and drapier. I got the cloud (white) and may have to consider a couple more in other colors. Work great over the basic tank that she sells in Wynne Layers.

    • Is the material easily ‘snaggable’? ….it looked that way to me on the air so I held off buying.

    • I didn’t think the baby boucle was particularly snaggable. The boxy kimono last year was super snaggable with little chance of recovery and reapir. The baby boucle is a tighter and softer knit.

    • Thanks CW…I’ll take another look:-)

  • I had never bought MarlaWynne, bc I kept hearing how large her sizes run. When I saw the Reversible Duster (487-759) on clearance ($7.95!), I had to try it. The XS ended up fitting perfectly, so I ordered a second color. Each duster counts as two, since it’s reversible! I would never pay the regular HSN price of $80. Clearance is the only way I can shop MarlaWynne.

    As for the sizing, does it just depend on the garment? Are the garment measurement charts correct?

    • Yes, sizing does depend of style of her garments….I bought 3 of the reversible dusters and tank sets ….my size varies from L – 1X in her items depending on the flow of garment. The duster I bought in 1X and the tanks I bought in M and used my steamer to stretch the tanks a little – works great!!!

    • Yes kemi, that duster was one of the items that ran true to small. The arms were quite slim. So you picked the right item to try for your tiny self. Enjoy!

  • I know, I feel the same though I did purchase 6 items….I have 3/4 of my wardrobe from MW stunning collections ever since she started on HSN……..but now have to slow down as prices getting too high:-(.

  • I know i had to resize two times with one of my purchases last winter. I started with XL, my usual size and it was huge. I sent it back for a L and still swallowed me. An unheard of (for me) medium did fit. Unfortunately we didn’t have a winter so the price tags are still on it. Hoping to wear it next winter because it is beautiful. Some things fit, and some things don’t. I take heed when she says something is roomy because believe me, it is roomy enough for a couple of people 🙂

  • Had to return everything. Sorry to say that when a designer becomes famous at HSN their quality goes down. I have great clothes from her from a few years ago. C’est fini avec Marla not even the scarves!!!!

  • Aww, @chip62 I know you must have been so disappointed. This was from her last layered show? I’m sure your credit card is smiling at least 🙂

    • Dear Pamiu,
      I love your sense of humor and your positive attitude. You are right my cccould not be happier!!!
      Take care🌻

  • JADiva is right on point. I LOVE MW’s fashions but after following her for a few years it’s obvious I can no longer afford her clothes. I also don’t think they wear that well. I use her butterfly tops as basics and I have at least 10. However, they pill quickly and easily and now I see the price has increased another $5.00. $49.00 for a cheaply made tee was bad enough. I think it’s sad because a lot of her styles are right on but as someone mentioned just for a layering tops $150! Not worth the $$$. Sad.


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