• And the same with handbags!!! Love it. :heart:

  • You’re so lucky that your shoes always fit sherryrose.  I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight in the last two years and none of my shoes fit.  I’m glad it’s summer so I can wear my Yellow Box sandals/lip llops.  I’m tempted but I don’t want to start collecting larger shoes…hope springs eternal that I will eventually fit back into what I have. 


    What’s your secret for always fitting into your shoes?

  • Now that’s funny!  Because my grown daughter is a shoe collector (at least, she buys shoes first and the outfits last).  The girl loves a shoe store.

  • You are not alone. Shipping problems started to worsen in October. VP admitted online that they made changes to a warehouse and HSN let us/consumers down. I had to escalate many times to get specific resolutions to shipping problems through October. I took a chance in November thinking that surely by now, the warehouse problems would be fixed. Sadly they were not. Had to escalate again to get November orders resolved. Would you believe that I am still trying to get an order or refund from an October 5th order? I really want the item but a refund of $249 would be acceptable. Escalated again 2 weeks ago and they gave me $20 in spendable kash. My next ecalation was to the Florida Attorney General’s office, Consumer Affairs and BBB. 

    Needless to say, I am done with HSN

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  • Sorry to hear about the mishaps with your purchases. Part of the delay was due to the severe storms that hit the area which included major flooding and then the fires. I have no idea if the situations impacted HSN’s warehouses, but, you are right. They should have been up front about it from day one. It’s amazing that a business like Amazon can update the packaging and give you a heads up through your e-mail as to when the item leaves their warehouse and where it is today, tomorrow, etc.. and then able to leave you a message that the package was left at such and such time by your front door. I even watched and waited with baited breath as one customer bought a Samsung Curved HGTV with soundbar that was a TS that left a Samsung warehouse in PA. and then seemed to sit for ages somewhere else and then finally making it to her city only to be put back on a truck and sent to Texas which was hundreds of miles from where she lived. Why?? One will never know. Fortunately, she did receive it in time. I just hope it is in one piece and works fine. Meanwhile HSN had no way to tell her where the package was, just to wait another few more days before she could call again and say it was lost in transit. If a huge Internet company like Amazon can give you the info, then why not someone like HSN which is a small retail establishment when you compare the two. However, the other side of the coin is not entirely the fault of HSN. There are issues with UPS as well as with USPS not updating their websites to let you know where your package is. An item could be sitting (at least you think it’s sitting in one place)for days when in actuality it has gone on to another destination. Did the driver forget to mark it? Is it lost somewhere? You never know until one day you check again and lo and behold it’s about to be delivered. Go figure. 


    I have been an HSN customer for almost as many years as they have been on air and this year in particular has been the worse ever for receiving the packages in a timely manner. Even the packaging on HSN’s end has been at a slower pace and I wonder if that has something to do with the nearly 2500 layoffs that occurred last year at this time. I surmise one will never know. However, one thing I should mention is that once an item leaves the warehouse it is really not HSN’s fault in delaying the shipment. This needs to be taken up with the Vendor (in case it is their warehouse responsible for sending the item) or with USPS, FEDEX and UPS. HSN’s customer service should be able to also track the package and to give more information to their customers. I also do not like the excuse that it sits in one place waiting for a truck to fill before going on to the next destination.


    I also would not blame the host in a situation as this. He or she does not know if that item will arrive on time. You assume that if it is ordered at least ten days prior you would expect it within the normal time frame. Also, because Christmas falls on Sunday this year, most offices will probably be closed on Monday, December 26th. With this in mind, it wouldn’t hurt if you could contact UPS on your own to see if there is something they could do to remedy the situation.   

  • M. Asam

    When is M. Asam’s next visit? 


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