• I tried yesterday and it still wasn’t working.  I’m really hoping it will get straightened out so I can place an order.

  • Seanchai

    It hasn’t worked yet.

    Even tho I got a CS intervention I keep trying just out of curiousity and because

    I found another one for select cust. but that one says, get this,  “can used MULTIPLE times by it’s recipient” !!!!!!!

    1st time I’ve ever seen that!

    Brought it up in CS Need Help days ago but this time no response.

    If you scroll down you’ll see the details. :heart:

    Been keeping a low profile on it, am afraid of a reprimand! Notice no smiles on the post.


    Oh just great just saw my avatar is gone again and I’m Admirer 1 now.

    Not fun!

  • Lenovo desk top

    thanks HSN this was a total rip off. I relied on  you to sell quality products. This is junk its the slowest comp. in the world with no memory.


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05.12.16 3:51 AM

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