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    I know a lot of us layer our moisturizers under our makeup. How about your body? I have Argan Oil body lotions and Perlier as well as Signature Club A and Philosophy. I got old and bam, I became one of those women I never understood in my youth. Am I in good company?

  • I find that layering body creams doesn’t work well for me – gets too thick and clumpy.

  • The Perlier body creams I have are so rich, i find no need to layer anything else on my body. You layer serums than moisturizer on your face for the ant aging benefits, Body cream is just body cream. I wish there was a miracle cream for my aging body that has gained and lost 30 pounds a few times. LOL

  • I put on my Josie Moran argan oil,then CeraVe cream on over it and it really does help my arms,legs,etc.


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