• LaBellum Purse

    I just bought the cutest purse! It’s LaBellum by Hillary Scott Handbeaded Crossbody with Fringe
    Item 521-479

    Even though I just got a new Anuschka I couldn’t pass this one up.

  • I had my eye on that! Is the fringe made of beads? I couldn’t tell. I like the blue one. I also like the embroidered belt but don’t see how it ties.

  • That bag is so cute, wear it on good health.

  • Very cute purse. I love the embroidered belt. Looks like it matches the purse.

  • @pamlou

    Anuschka is on E on Friday, April, 21st. This means they will have Anuschka on sale, and E may send a coupon. You can use their coupons on their TS and even on clearance items. 🙂

    I too like the Anuschka brand.

    I always get stopped with Betsy Johnson, Nicole Lee, and Anuschka purses! Where did you get it is always what I hear.

  • @skittles135 I don’t dare watch the Anuschka presentations 🙂 I will make do with the purse and matching wallet I just bought and the LaBellum purse. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to look. Since I just bought my first purchase from them and it is an Anuschka, you would think they would send me a coupon. @maryf1962 I saw the model pull the ties around her, then bring them to the front and tie. The fringe isn’t beads from what I could see. I really don’t have a waist so I doubt the cute belt would look good on me.


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