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    What happen to Liz, from Korres? I have not seen her for a few months.. Is she okay?

  • Liz Folce was promoted to another position. She is Vice President at Korres USA.










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  • Who replaced Liz? I’m watching Bobbie with Laura Baker now. Who’s the official spokesperson for Korres now?

  • If u prefer a good lather, I do not recommend Korres Shower Gel. I purchased it in a TS earlier this year. I was so disappointed when I found out how much product is used to get the amount of lather shown in the presentations. That being said, my jumbo Korres Shower Gel was empty in no time, and I still didn’t get the rich lather that I get w Dove. 

  • I did not care for the Korres Body Butter , too thick and heavy, hard to spread it on skin.

  • ‘Delicious’ this and that got a promotion.

    I found her to be very repetitive on saying the same things on every Korres product…but good for her for her promotion.

    Wish the skin products has more moisturization…they seem to sit on top of my skin which is older and needs moisture plus something to hold it in my skin. 


  • I love the body butter in Guava. A few other scents are nice, but Guava is not only my favorite, it doesn’t seem to offend sensitive noses of co-workers. It actually really moisturizes my skin and helps the “crepey” look. My legs get really dry in the winter, and I like I can use this and it isn’t greasy in any way. I use other body moisturizers as well, but I always have Korres on hand. I use the shower gels sometimes, but it’s the body butters I like the most.:smileyhappy: 


    I liked watching Liz, even though she did repeat the word literally–a lot! The new spokesperson seems good, too.

  • I wondered where she had gone! Great news about her promotion, but I wish she’d come back. She was so much better at presenting the products and her skin is gorgeous.


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