• JPA-25 Just Playin' Around 25

    Welcome to JPA-25 (Just Playin’ Around 25)!

    This thread is about the HSN Arcade, although it can get off-topic as we chat with each other about the games(tips, questions, problems and accomplishments), our activities and daily life, special interests, pets, the Reward Prizes, shopping, avatars, how to post pictures, food and the HSN features.

    We enjoy meeting new people as well as continuing the friendships we’ve made.So whether you want to make a one-time post or ‘talk’ multiple times daily, join in. Ask your questions, make a comment or just say Hi! We’d love to hear from you!

    We also all try to get together on Friday evenings during HSN Game Night (8 PM Eastern) to answer the Trivia questions(assuming they work!) to earn tickets and to laugh and chat. So join in the fun and get some tickets.

    We have newbie gamers as well as die-hard players whose names you’ll see on the leaderboards. Even if you have never played a game in the arcade, post your question and someone here will help out. We like to surprise each other and make each other laugh. So bring your sense of humor and join in the fun!

  • I started JPA-25 because it was starting to take quite awhile to bring up JPA-24. If you want to easily find JPA-23 or JPA-24, look at the TAG CLOUD (right below WHO’S ONLINE NOW) on the left side of the Community Forums Home Page.

    The topics are listed alphabetically. Click on the one you want and it will bring up the complete title to that thread on a new page. If you then click on the title, the whole thread will appear.

    If you want to reply or comment to something posted on one of the ‘old’ JPA threads, I suggest that you do it on this thread so that it will be more likely to be seen.

  • Can’t start the new thread without a Lucky Duck to help you win some tickets on Spin2Win!!! Good lucky everyone. Remember to rub the ducky before you spin. 😆

    Lucky Duck 4

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    • I really don’t get this new system. Thanks for the Lucky 🍀 Duck 🦆, just stopped by to say hello to everyone! Hello Everyone!! I wish I could change or choose a font.
      Just so you know, before I found out about this Ducky here I won one hundred 💯 tickets today!
      Yesterday I won 250 tickets! Before that, I didn’t have any wins for like a week. I should have stopped by maybe the duck would have helped me. Thanks for posting that!
      It’s been a year tomorrow that my mother in law passed away. I’ve been sort of down in the dumps lately. That’s why I haven’t really been talkative.
      Happy Easter 🐇🐰🐣. Hope you all have a great day. I’ve got lots to do so, take care and I’ll try to stop by again later.
      As always, samslilangel

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  • morning coffee

  • Good morning DBR and thank you for the new thread,coffee and the lucky duck.I hope it brings everyone good luck on that wheel.I think I won 100 1 time last week but I am happy many of you did better.

    Bad weather is supposed to be coming here soon and that blasted weather lady just keeps stressing the tornado threat.EEK,1 time hearing about it is enough for me.

    I hope everyone in the areas where bad weather is or where it is headed will be safe the next day or 2.Then more bad weather for Wednesday headed here.I had a feeling it would be a rough Spring.

    Too many issues with the board for me to complain about but I sure hope it gets more user friendly soon.

    Prayers for all in need and special ones for Meme…Hope everyone wins lots of tickets today.

    • Hi @bassetbabe . Sorry that you’re in for bad weather. We’re just having a nice gentle Spring rain. Hope you can avoid that damaging wind. I found an outfit for Ruby to wear the next few days…

      Basset in raincoat

    • Hi,DBR and Jshine,What a cute outfit for Ruby for tomorrow.Even worse weather expected then,so I know she will need it.Yellow really is a pretty color for her.


  • Hi everyone! We just got back from hubby’s test. We will get the results Wed. We had to drive through a flash flood area, so we left home about 45 minutes early. I drove slowly, and we made it fine.

    It was horrible weather last night, and the front yard has limbs everywhere. Thankfully, we have no damage,

    Thank you for remembering us today, Basset. We are both stressed, but hopeful for good results.

    DBR, thanks for the Lucky Duck. I finally won 500 tickets a few minutes ago.

    Basset, take care. The storms that came through here were frightening.

    Have a marvelous Monday afternoon!

    • @gandksmeme8 Wow, an obstacle course. Happy to hear that you made it there and back. Sorry for the cleanup that you have but glad that you have no damage.

      Now the dreaded wait until Wed. Have my fingers crossed!!

      Happy that the Lucky Duck worked!!

    • @dubuquerams Thanks. It will seem like days to hear the results.

      I actually did not mind the cleanup too much. I like to work outside. It is a stress-reliever for me.


    • Meme,So sorry about your bad weather.I hate to wait for test results,so I know that has to be difficult for you both.Prayers that results will be good and thank you for our prayers too.

    • Prayers for you! I hope all is good 😊

  • While helping @cupatea post pictures,I found a way to post pics from HSN without having to use tinypics, Photobucket, etc. I thought those of you who want to post an HSN product might find this helpful as an alternative to the previous method I had described using tinypics. @kemiqueen , I know that you post a lot of your own pics, but this might be helpful to you when you show your purchases from HSN.

    I just went to the pic on HSN that I wanted to post on a thread. I put my cursor on it and right clicked and selected Copy Image Address. I didn’t even think that it copied it because nothing happened, but I stubbornly continued on!! I then went to the Reply Box where I wanted to put the pic. I then clicked on IMG. In the URL box that opened I right clicked and then clicked on Paste in the box that opened. I wrote my description in the box that shows up on the 2nd page of IMG. I then clicked on OK in the IMG box and when I completed writing my Reply and clicked on Post, the pic showed up in my post. Oh, isn’t this fun!! 😆

    By the way, I used Google Chrome as my browser to do this. I don’t know if you would get the same options when you right click with other browsers.

    • 😉 That is how I did it Fri, 😉 took me 3 times just then but I did it with an open google image page. The 3rd time I did check the box on lower left ..block ?? but I do not know if that helped or your Lucky Duck woke up! 😉

    • Good Morning JPA-25 and @dubuquerams
      Yes Yesterday we had a grand time posting pictures over in my threads. Thanks to DBQ I can now do it in Firefox. Windows Edge is another story. No two Web browsers are the same.
      I can also post up links now in Firefox. Windows edge can be done but with a lot more wordage to the link then Firefox. How I have found out is to hit the link button copy your website then paste it in to the URL box tick the little box then hit the button on the bottom of the page.

      You will see your link appear in your typing box. Just remove all the wordage to the left of the web address and all the wordage to the right and just make it look like a web address. Then hit post and it will come up in blue and can be clicked on.

      I have tried three times since last night to come here and personally thank DBQ for her help yesterday. With that said I am getting timed out with no warning other then when I go to post up my post ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT To DO THIS. Then poof no post nothing so now I am making this much shorter then my actual post that I created. Give it a try with the link box and then you will be able to post up a link to what web address you want to point some one into.

      Oh and yes you can also just type it in to the posting typing box.

      Here is my link to my thank you to HSN for sending me a thank you email.

      Thank you Email from HSN

      Your HSN friend,

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    • HI everyone,
      I did a new post at the bottom as of now it would have just been double posting☺

      You HSN friend,

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  • THANK YOU @dubuquerams,

  • monkeyTuesdayTueTuesday

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    • Hi DbR! Guess I need a biGGer luck duck. 😉 no workie 4-me.

    • @bootcrazy I like your monkeys!! Sorry about your defective Lucky Duck. Will have to work on that!! I haven’t tried yet today.

      We missed you the last few days. I was keeping an eye out for an April Fools Day prank from you!

      I didn’t use that Open Google Image page, I just clicked on Copy Image Address. Like I said, when I did that nothing visible showed up on my screen but when I went to IMG and right clicked in the URL box and clicked on paste, it did deposit the URL there. (have to be careful not to have http double because of the one that is automatically in the image box). I have never checked that box on the second IMG dropdown because I don’t know what it means. LOL

      I still haven’t tried to post pics from other than HSN using this method. Maybe I should do that in my next reply box.

  • good morning flower

  • DBR,What a cute good morning that is..Boot,so good to see you and everyone else too,of course.

    Meme,I did reply to your post above and hope you find it.But I forgot to congratulate you on your win.YAY for you.

    I believe lucky duck helped me too the last 2 days.100 for yesterday and 100 for today.Yep,I always get tickets the slow way.LOL.

    Thankfully our weather was not too bad yesterday but about an hr away,a man was killed in his home by tornado.How very sad..Even worse weather expected for tomorrow,so please keep us in your prayers.Thank you.

    Hope everyone has a very safe day and night,free of bad storms…Good luck to each of you on the games.

    • Good Morning @bassetbabe Glad you liked the raincoat. I saw pic of her sneaking out to play in the water without it.

      Basset in rain

      Happy to hear that the LuckyDuck is working for you. Every free ticket counts!!!

      I’m glad that your weather wasn’t too bad. That’s so sad about the man being killed and also for all the people whose lives are changed forever by tornadoes. I hope that you escape the damage from the weather you’re expecting tomorrow.

      Have a good day, Basset! 🙂

      P.S. I see your post below this and yes the test worked!! Makes it a little easier.

  • Here is a test of posting a pic from google directly to IMG without using photobucket or tinypics:


    Yoohoo! It worked!!!!! Read my directions in an earlier box where I wrote: I found a way to post pics from HSN without having to use tinypics, Photobucket, etc. You can post pics you find on the internet directly to the IMG box following those directions!! You, of course, can also post pics of products from HSN to your posts the same way.

    Next experiment will be to see if I can find a similar shortcut to post pics that I already have stored on my computer. (I’m always saving potential pics for JPA when I’m on the internet.)

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    • DBR,Looks like your test passed with flying colors.How cute they are.

  • Well, I just tried to apply the pic posting method above to pics I already have stored on my computer. So far it DOESN’T work. My pics are stored in my Windows photo library. Right clicking on them as I did with a pic that was still on Google internet site did NOT bring up the same options. I did not have the choice to ‘Copy Image Address’ which is necessary to put in the IMG box.

    So for now I will have to use tinypics to post my stored pics. I will still be working to see if I can come up with a solution for that. If you find one, please let us know!!

  • @twizzle3 and @jshine I see that you were both up late!!! Glad to see that you found the new thread. We missed you the last few days. Remember if you want to read what you missed (including April Fools Day) at the end of JPA-24, you can easily find it if you read the directions in the first box on this thread (right below the Opening Post).

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  • Good morning one and all!

    Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers.

    Basset, I am glad that your weather was not too bad. It is good to see you this morning. : )

    DBR, I am going to try to post pics soon with your new method. I just don’t have the energy right now to try something new. A special thank you for all your tips…and your patience.

    BootCrazy, I love your pic.

    Hi JShine and Twizzle!

    Melch and Deek, where are you?


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