• How do people find out what the Today's Special is and buy before hand? I have

    How do I find out about TSV in advance?

  • grandma-lala, I’m not sure of the logistics for most people, but I’ve found you can go to the Program Guide at the bottom of the page and call up the show for the next midnight show and find the Today’s special for the next day. I’m not sure how soon it posts at the TS price. I do know from complaints here in the forum that if they offer free shipping, it might not be available until after midnight and you can’t get a price adjustment for that. You can also sign up for emails of the TS. I haven’t done that, so I don’t know when they’re sent out; but you might try that. If there’s any one vendor you’re interested in, you can also sign up for emails about their visits.

  • I find that the TS usually posts around 11 pm for the next day. I’ve called CS in the past and they either truly do NOT have the info or they’re told to say that: don’t know. But 11pm appears to be the magical hour when they appear; I’ve ordered many Trish McEvoy TS’s this way.

  • Plain old detective work. You figure what that brand has used for a TS in the past and look for price point. You always try to figure out what type of item each vendor usually offers. You can also tell by how many other items might go with the ts. Look at the program guide and if they offer the same items at each airing from the midnight TS time forward in each successive show, the you are zeroing in. Finally….you can actually test product numbers and sometimes stumble on it. Also, some vendors leave clues on their FB pages.


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