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    Just curious if anyone engages in any hobbies.  I love to shop…..I guess you could call that a hobby :smileyvery-happy:, but I’m also a pastel painter.  Are there any hobbyists out there?  If so, please share. :smileyhappy:

  • Even though I don’t do a lot of it, I think cooking is my hobby. I love collecting cook books. When I do cook, I’m very passionate in the kitchen…very intense.

  • I too, love to shop!  But in the summer my hobby is vegetable gardening.   In the winter I love to cook and crochet.      

  • I Love to cook, Play guitar, listen to music, Hunt, Fish,( I only keep what we need to feed us), Shoot Trap!, Being in Nature! Of course Shop or I wouldnt be writing this! ITS FUN HERE!:smileyvery-happy: This community Is Great! You all are Awsome! Have a great Weekend!:smileywink: P.S. Nice art!

  • Hi chimein, I love to shop too!  Also, I play the piano, garden, read, collect old books and paint clay pots.  I collect fountain pens, vintage crystal perfume bottles and antique china.  I also do patio brick designs with old bricks that I personally select at a local wrecking company.  I lay the bricks myself too.  My favorite hobby of all is Akita rescue. 


    It’s wonderful that you are so talented and can paint! 

  • Ok, let’s see…I paint, do needlepoint, counted cross stitch, sew, cook, read, scrapbook, garden (when we have water). do floral design, make jewelry…collect vintage jewelry, hand painted porcelain…love antique and garage sales…flea markets…estate sales. Oh, and I shop! 


    Here’s a painting sample…Tray.jpg

    That WAS a dollar store Pizza tray…



  • This is what I created today…and then somehow…it disappeared!


    It was only 2 pounds, though…


    2015-05-16 13.21.50.jpg

  • Chimein and Cindy, beautiful!!  Very nice!  Chimein, I’m jealous!  I wish I could do that! LOL!  Cindy, pretty tray!  My parents live in a senior community, and a lot of the residents do that kind of painting.  It’s very nice!  There are a lot of little shops and arts and crafts stores where they live.  You can find a lot of different knick-knacks with that kind of painting on them.  It seems to be a popular and very common hobby!

    I love to garden.  I also love to read.  Right now I’m reading a collection of short stories by Flannery O’Connor.

  • Hi Chimein, my hobbies are my kids, my dogs, reading, sewing, fishing, boating,
    Going up north, target shooting at the range and riding my quad. My boys laugh because I have a pink quad with Swarovski crystals on my pink helmet, my rifle is pink and I carrying it in a Swarovski covered case, and my fishing pole is pink. My boys say that I embarrass them with my pink and bling. That’s okay, I love my pink and bling.

  • my hobbies are making my own bath and body products, volunteering, watching movies.

  • Goodnight catmom, sweet dreams. 

  • Catsmom…sleep well, come back when you can stay a while. Would love to visit with you! Good luck on your puzzle! Good nite! 

  •  Goodnite Catmom.Sleep good.

  • Haaaaa.   Tried the puzzle.  Jeepers Wally,  not tonight I guess. 


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