• Game of the Week 4/14: MAHJONGG DIMENSIONS; Beat 22,375 POST SCORES HERE

    If you want a place to post your scores, this is it. It’s not necessary to post in order to be entered in the drawing. You will automatically receive one entry every time you tie or beat Shannon’s score up to a maximum of 20 entries. If you just can’t beat her score that many times–or don’t even want to try–you can also enter through the Rewards Store alternate entry. Remember you can enter up to 20 times total using either or both methods.

    This is one of my favorite games so I’ll be playing to beat Shannon and get the double tickets on Friday.

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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by  Lizzie818.
  • I see people starting individual threads to post their scores, so thought I’d bring this back to the top to see if we can get all the scores in one place.

    • @lizzie818

      Any tips on how to play this game better? I can play this well. It’s the speed I have a
      problem with. I can reach maybe 19,000 then I can’t get any higher no matter how
      hard I play and I can play this game.

      Any tips on how to improve with this game would be great. Looking at the scores of
      players some are not having any problems. Go peeps!!!

    • Sheba, there are 2 basic ways to score extra points on this game.

      The first, and I believe the best (especially on the first level), is to make steady, consecutive matches. I usually establish a rhythm rather than trying to be super fast. That way I have time to see another match before I hit the 3 seconds they say they give you to make another match. I have discovered that until I get upwards in the number of consecutive matches, hitting a cube and then changing my mind and hitting a different icon will reset the multiplier. It will also reset if you turn the cube because you can’t do that fast enough to meet the 3-second rule. There are a total of 32 matches on the first level. With practice, you can learn to get through this entire level without a break. Getting all 32 matches will yield a score of 15,775, I believe. I can do this pretty regularly on the first level. I have never accomplished it on the second or third levels; but I’m working toward it and trying to get as many consecutively as I can. I have been able to get through both the second and third levels without turning the cube; but I haven’t done it very many times.

      The second way is to make matches of the same icon consecutively. There are a total of 6 cubes of each icon on the first level. I haven’t paid enough attention on the other levels to know how many are there, but I suspect it’s 6 on the second level. The reason I prefer the method above is that the highest score I’ve gotten on the first level was 21,xxx. That means that less than 6,000 was due to matching 1 icon consecutively and the rest was just due to consecutive matches.

      The last way you get points on this game is for finishing the game. You get points for whatever time is left on the clock when you finish the third level.

      Hope this helps you. This is one of those games that takes a lot of practice; but the more you practice, the easier it gets.

    • @Lizzie808

      Thank you so much for this information I am sure others out there are taking note.

      I am going to copy and paste this info in case I get lost. Scores are improving.

      I have a little time to myself and what better day then double tickets Friday Game
      Of The Week.

      I appreciate you answer and have a great day.

      I will be here for Trivia and will practice more. I am really a newbie when it comes
      to the games. Never played a game online in my life! Until I started in the HSN Arcade.

      Have fun everyone.

    • @sheba2011, I am not very good at this game. I can beat Shannons score about 20% of the time.
      The best thing I found is play on a different browser. I almost always use Edge but for this game I use Chrome. And it plays really bad on my tablet.
      I think also the old adage of “practice practice practice” would help, but I have other games I like better.

    • @trekky

      I am going to switch and see if that helps! I have a favorite game also.

      Thanks Trekky.

  • 24,200

  • 26,800

  • 31,325

    • WTG!

  • 27,525

  • 26,050

  • 29,875

  • 26600

  • Got it finally 24,100

  • 23472

  • 24341

  • 26921

  • 25387

  • 27335


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