• Emma Skye Jewelry Designs Popcorn 19" Necklace and Bracelet Set

    I ordered this beautiful necklace and bracelet set when it was the TS item # 332-849. It was for an upcoming cruise I am going on in the beginning of July. When I checked the status of my order this is what it said “Extended Delivery” Estimated Delivery 7/22/2014. I have to wait two months for an order?:smileyfrustrated:  I do not understand why sooooooooooo long. Did anyone else get the same message?






  • Sounds like they oversold the TS..sort of a "waitlist" without the waitlist. That’s lousy. 

  • Interesting. I too bought the TS. Now that you asked this, I went and checked – apparently, I got it on waitlist. I did not realize that somehow. I thought I bought it straight up. Well if you are not even getting yours till late July, then returns are not coming in till August, and by then the waitlist runs out. So now I have to figure out what to do with the matching ring. The ring is nothing special, I only wanted it to match the TS. I guess I’ll wait a  bit longer and return the ring.


    Ladies, please post here if you are already getting your sets. If anybody is getting them, I will keep the ring for now.

  • I loved the look of this necklace and matching bracelet and ordered it as a TS. I reside in California where this state has many many distribution centers of Hsn so fortunately I get items from Hsn very quickly. I just tracked my order and it should arrive today which is in the window of time of 3-7 business days as Hsn claims.  I ordered ahead of most of the showings and possibly that way it insured me to get it quicker..I could be wrong though. Not sure how Hsn determines who gets it sooner than others, but I would imagine there are circumstances for each order and how it gets to the viewer. I am so very sorry, bargain hunter for your situation as you must be terribly disappointed from the delivery status. Did you try to call customer service if they can be of any help to you?? I would try and see if something might help.

  • I received my set yesterday from USPS. Again, I reside in CA and there are many distribution centers so it doesn’t surprise me it came this quickly. Disappointed in this set as it feels flimsy and cheap. It reminds me of the old metal scratchy balls our mothers used when cleaning food off of dishes..if you know what I mean. The popcorn on both the necklace and the bracelet is see through and not solid. The bracelet runs very small, not the 7 1/2 length it claims to be and I have a small tiny wrist. Looks better on TV than in person. I have a popcorn bracelet like the bracelet of this set, and it is solid.  I know you are not looking for a review, but wanted others to know this is not what it appears to be when shown on Hsn. 


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