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    I like the Elysee tinted veil I use it as a primer. BUT after reading the ingredients it has parable she and urea? I thought the brand was supposed to not contain them.

  •  I use Elysee YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil too. I love that it protects against HEV light. Elysee has never claimed to be paraben free. Is that what u mean by parable? 



    – Commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic products


    – Prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold in order to protect both the products and consumers

    – Parabens used most commonly in cosmetics: methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben



    – Naturally found in healthy, young skin


    – Important part of your skin’s natural moisturizing system


    – Penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, plumping up the skin for a firm, supple, wrinkle-free appearance


    – Anti-fungal and anti-microbial


    – Promotes fast healing of dry cracked split skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, burns and other types of problem skin 



    – High energy visible (HEV) light, also known as near-UV (NUV), is another type of light on which most industry professionals have yet to be educated. New research shows that skin damage caused by HEV light may be as harmful as the damage caused by UVA and UVB light combined.

    – Computer monitors, flat screen televisons, mobile phones with flat screens, energy efficient cool white daylight or full spectrum lights, reflective surfaces like snow, concrete, sand, water, and glass or even sitting near car windows, provides constant exposure to the damaging effects of HEV lights.

    – The harmful effects of HEV light are many: weak barrier function, increased dryness and sensitivity, increase in the number of senescent cells, depressed immunity and suppressed healing, inflammation and redness, wrinkles, skin sagging, and uneven pigmentation.


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