• Curtis Stone bakeware.buckling at 350

    Does anyone else have the problem of Curtis Stones’s bakeware buckling in his convection oven at 350? I know it says you can bake up to 450 so why is mine buckling at 350???? Any help would be useful.

  • When you using convection setting on any oven, I think , you lower the temp. to 325.
    I have a small convection toaster oven , that is what I do.

  • Bjspick is correct and you do lower the temperature when using a convection oven. However, since the cookware buckled at 350 degrees, something just isn’t right with the cookware. I’d call HSN if you’re within the 30 days or the manufacturer after 30 days. Good luck Fitnessmom.

  • I have purchased several Curtis Stone products. The best product was the first cookware set Curtis offered that had the “new” speckled coating. The thickness of the metal in the pans impressed me immediately. Over time the durability of the coating had me singing praise every time I used them. During Curtis anniversary programming, I ordered the new set primarily for the large stockpot. When the set came, the stockpot was dented although the packaging and all other items were pristine. Hubby took a look and said it look like a manufacturing issue. He said it look like the machinery smashed the pot when it fastened the handle to the pot. I noticed that this stock pot was noticeably “skinny” compared to the thickness of the metal in the first set. Maybe this is why it got crimped by the manufacturing machinery.

    I’m not an expert but I would think that the thickness of the metal also affects the cookware’s ability to deal with temperature. Perhaps this could explain Fitnessmom’s buckling problem.

  • I have one of Curtis Stone’s original speckled skillets and it is amazing. Heats well, cooks well, and cleans so easily. I hope he hasn’t changed his product. I would like to buy more of what I have.


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