• I agree 100% !..Someone might “tweek” your invention to make it their own..

    So I’m not talking:smileylol:


    Sorry but the “mother of invention” has re-invented things to make it her own..:smileysurprised:

    I’m just saying!

  • I used to think Lori Grenier was the worst copycat of inventions.  Then, I read that she was smart enough to buy the patents for those products and that is where she makes her money.  She doesn’t need to come up with her own ideas and still is very successful.   I can’t see the harm in wanting to improve on products that have already been invented.  Much of what you see as “advertised on TV” is garbage and falls apart and often doesn’t live up to the hype.  The late Norman Vincent Peale used to say “find a need” and fill it,  and that is what Joy and Lori have done and why they are both so successful.  

  • Cuisinart

    Hi Guys!!!

    I am so excited that the Cuisinart griddler is on HSN!! We use it for sausages and pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, and chicken for dinner! You name it, we cook it on our tabletop grill!
    Let me know if you have any questions are great ideas for any recipes!

  • Hi Chelsea, 


    Do you happen to have an item number so we can check this griddler out? 


    Thank you! 

  • Looks like a very nice versatile griddle grill.   I will have to check it out further. 


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