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    Good morning, HSN has the best clearance prices.  I was just looking at Antthony’s items and found #459846 for 9.95 in my size WHAT???  Nice treat.  Smiley Happy

  •  Thank you HSN these are the best clearance prices I ever seen thank you thank you thank you …????????????????…

  • What a super buy for you!:womanlol:

  • I hope u love it sunshine!


    I have found some amazing deals too! 

  • Did you notice a lot of $9.95 prices just disappeared …and went back up to reg full prices?

  • I found oodles of Melissa McCarthy Seven7 items for 9.95 this morning!  I am wondering if this was some sort of ”computer glich”?  I shopped and picked up some great ….. no, make that beyond great deals! 

  • I’ve been on a buying spree in the clearance section this week.  With free shipping on clothing I’ve been able to stretch my dollars and get some things I have had my eyes on!  Thanks HSN!!:womanlol:

  • Got a few 9.95 items too, miss out on  a VC bag, so mad about that. 

  • Good morning everyone, so glad so many of you got such great deals.  I did check to make sure my order did go through.  It is in packaging.  Now I am wondering about the price.  I did go back and check and the item was 19.95 later and was sold out. I know everyone will be happy with their fantastic deals.  I have purchased from Antthony before so I know I will be happy with what I receive.  Happy shopping ladies. :smileyhappy:

  • That HUGE “sale” was short-lived, but I LOVED IT!

  • I just got another Rhonda Shear wrap in a color I don’t have. It was so darn cheap! I couldn’t resist! They have been on clearance forever, along w my favorite bras. I am so surprised they r still available.

  • Received my Antthony’s 459846 Skylar striped top and vest set.  I love it, the material is amazing and I am still surprised at the price.  Very nice top.  Thanks HSN for wonderful clearance prices.

  •  Wasn’t the 24 hour Clearance  fantastic .  I ordered way too much because of the sale.  Especially Liz Lange and Inman. After midnight of the sale I noticed what did not sell out dropped down to 9.95.  when I tried to buy they were all small and extra small sizes.  So if you were a tiny person you could really get some great great deals .  I imagine they  are getting ready for the new fall clothes.  Doesn’t it make you mad when you wait on something to redeuce in price .  I waited on Sam Edelman item # 473323 and soon as it shipped they drop the price by $40!  I’m asking for a refund to my spendable cash account .  They will do that if you  email or call within 30 days .  they were not on sale during the sale because I’ve looked .  It pays to look every day on HSN because the prices go up and down. 

  • I ordered lots of items … Two boxes arrived today  and  one box is in packaging .


    Over twenty items :womanhappy:  


    Almost all  have delivered , the  items that are in packaging are Yummie Tummie so I know they will be keepers .


    Anyway  I tried on everything that delivered today-


      Serena  YES!


      Marla Wynne  LOVELY


     Antthony  AWESOME


     Colleen Lopez WOWSY


     Liz Lange  BEAUTIFUL





    Along with a box of Korres items …… YEP  I am one happy Diva


  • I didn’t catch on to the big sale until it was almost over but got a couple of things. It’s now on my shopping calendar for 2017 so I’ll be watchging…..:catwink:

  • They have several  a  year .  I think there will be  the one just  after Christmas

  • Buy most of my purchases off the clearance site…have gotten some great deals..


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