• Cart Dropdown Bad Idea

    I have to say I hate the drop down from shopping cart. If I have put something in it, it drops down constantly covering the right side of the screen. After trying to get to my account or favorites which you cant see for it, I usually go to my cart and remove what I have in my cart. Am I the only one that thinks whoever thought of this drop down should be fired? They lose more sales than gain with this.

  • highhopes201, I totally agree with your post. I, myself, have written a few posts regarding this and some others have as well yet, nothing changes. They should just chuck this whole hot mess and bring what we had back. BUT. they won’t!!!!

  • I agree with highhopes. I get so frustrated with this dropdown that I go to my cart and remove the item or items to prevent it from happening again. It’s a negative selling point for me.

  • That doesn’t happen to me. It sounds very annoying What browser do y’all use?

    • I’m using Chrome. Sometimes now I get the dropdown even if I’ve just looked at an item! Hmmm…

  • Agree…I’ve noticed that too.

    One other thing that is bugging the life out of me…when I load the HSN homepage, it no longer auto sizes to fill the screen on my iPad Mini…this “disease” started with the revamp of the Community page, spread to the Arcade page and now happens on the homepage. Beyond irritating.

  • p.s…

    I know this is drifting from the original post but also…

    Every time I come to the Community and the page refreshes, I first get a BIG fuzzy graphic for “Unlock a Family’s Future” (and then that graphic disappears) before the current screen appears. Of course, like I previously mentioned, it never auto sizes correctly. It had been too small but now the screen appears too big.

    I blame those promo/ad boxes…the SSC one is now messing up the display.

    And for kemiqueen…Safari on a iPad Mini.

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    • This reply was modified 4 days, 7 hours ago by  pipman.
  • I think I know what y’all are talking about now. It only happens when I sign in.

    • I use Google Chrome on my MacBook. Sometimes when I use the HSN App on my iPhone 7, it takes me to a white screen w a blue W at the top. It has a sign in field, but I don’t feel comfortable trying to sign in there. It could be a trap! Does anyone else know what I’m even talking about?


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