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    Great line of products I love the shampoo and condition, the hair mask is a wonder.. I actually keep it on over night. Currently I have 2 bottles of the anti breakage/detangle on hand.  Yes I buy the set sale or not.

  • unfortunately, i do not like the smell of monoi.

  • I agree with josephinea – I do not like the odor and I think it is very over rated.  It does not leave me hair any less “frizzy, hydrated, etc.” than any other quality product you can get for much less money.  You have to use quite a bit of product so that makes it even more costly.

  • I love the smell of Monoi. I am waiting for a good price on the perfum. Use the monoi hair conditioner as a shave cream and get a super smooth shave that lasts, the smallest amount spreads to cover the whole leg. 

  • @jshine The Carol’s Daughter website is awsome! They have items not carried at HSN.


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