• Bubble Boo Problems

    I played an entire game and when it ended,the screen just wanted to start a new game instead of telling me I had won 350 tickets.So I checked my profile and I did NOT get my tickets.

    I know I was logged in when I started the game and I never left the computer.

    .I have also noticed I can leave the game at times,go back the next day and I have to start all over with a new game.I did not delete cookies that would have erased the game I had been playing.

    I enjoy the game but I also want my tickets when I win.

    All help will be appreciated.Thank you.

  • Bassetbabe, I have found out the same problem I have figured it out that you must play the game within the 24 hr period or you will have to start the game over. I just submit what I have if I don’t have enough time to play it before the day is out.. Hope this helps but yes I have experienced the same issues and this is only on what I have found out on my own as stated above… I wish it wasn’t that way.. Good Luck

  • Bassetbabe, I haven’t played BubbleBoo for a while, but I’ve played the game over spans of days without any issues. You do have to continue to play in the same browser. If you are playing in the same browser you use to access the community, that could be causing the problem. Ever since the “improved” community debuted, I’ve found that if I browse in the community without signing in and then go back to the Arcade, I have been signed out of the Arcade. Usually I can sign in at the time it shows my tickets and everything is fine. You need to contact the Arcade Team in order to see if they can fix your tickets. You can contact them here (in item 37): <https://www.hsn.com/arcade/help#&gt;

  • Thank you both so much for your help.I use the same browser each time and always make sure I am signed in by making sure my tickets show at the top..From now on,I will write down my ticket total before I start a game,plus make sure I finish it in 24 hrs.

    Hope you both have a great weekend.

    • Your very welcome I am glad that I could help out with the situation, of course as I stated I had the same problem then realized it must be done within the 24 hr time frame.. Have a great weekend as well…


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