• Brenda DyGraf

    Please e-mail me when her slim strider is avalable.


  • crock1, I’ll check with our buyers for the availability of the Brenda DyGraf SlimStrider 360 Exercise System and post back here with news. 



  • Hello again crock1, our buyers have alerted us this should be back in stock in February 2015, under a new item number 393-452. 

  • I love Brenda. Waaayyyy back in around 1989 give or take a year or two, I saw Brenda demonstrating her step bench. It came with a great beginner video. I bought it, and I started my exercise lifestyle at that moment. For twelve years, while I was in the military, I used Brenda’s step, and added in the gym, weights and other exercise videos. I exercised five to six days per week, thanks to Brenda getting me started. Unfortunately, I had some pretty bad things happen to me in the military, and I ended up being medically discharged, with migraines and severe back issues. I have not had the courage to give the pain the finger and get back into an exercise routine for the last 18 years, but I sure remember and bless Brenda for every moment of healthy and fit living that I enjoyed while I had it. Without that fitness that I used to have, I might actually be in worse shape now. Thank you Brenda (and I like the way you USED to spell your last name too girlfriend)! I owe you so much!


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