Does anyone have a suggestion for the best makeup primer? I ordered Laura Geller’s Spackle form QVC. Not sure I like it. Help.

  • Hi Andy1977,
    What don’t you like about Spackle? Is it too light? Share a little more with me and I’ll try to help you or at least share my thoughts on various primers. I think I’ve tried them all, LOL.

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    • Yes. I do think it’s too light. I am 57 but have really good skin. but foundation looks better when I use Smashbox. I love Laura Geller hi-lighter and really like that she gives good makeup tips but it’s going back.

  • I didn’t like Spackle either. I have tried a lot (too many to count! ) of primers and really like the following : 377-541 Smashbox Photo Finish primer, 403-173 Smash box Hydrating Photo Finish primer ( relatively new) and 955-965 M. Asam Perfect Teint which can also be used to further blur lines and wrinkles on top of foundation. I also really like 229-833 Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer which is super lightweight and great for warmer weather. What type of foundation do you use, liquid, powder, etc?

    • HI,
      I use Chanel’s lift formula, foundation. It’s great. I love their primer too. I had been using Smashbox Photo Finish. I thought I’d try Spackle because the offer included a blush and a powder foundation. I did not like either.

  • Google Monistat chafing gel vs Smashbox photo Finish primer. Same ingredients and you can save a lot of money! My best friend just told me about this and I was shocked! Please read the article before you judge-it is not the same product used for yeast infections 🙂

    • Oh Lord! I will check it out. Thanks!

    • thanks for the tip!
      can always use it for chafing.

  • Ps…love Too faced foundation-my friends and family tell me I have a radiant glow and I look ten years younger since I have switched to this brand. 🙂

  • Have to respond to monistat chafing gel I’ve oily skin, have been using chafing gel for years to me it is the best face primer 💕54 yrs old works great & no break outs 🙏

  • U can’t go wrong w Smashbox primers. They have a formulation for every skin type. I am currently using this, which doubles as a setting spray. A little goes a long way. LOVE <3<3<3
    Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water (397-879)

    • I decided to send the Water back and stick w Smashbox’s original primer below. While I did like it, I found that the Water was cumbersome to apply evenly and too wet for my taste in a setting spray. It felt nice, though.

  • DMAC2929…I used the chafing gel for years as a primer! Yes, same ingredient! But then I could no longer find it, so I now use Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser-same ingredient also, and the price is right! 😉

  • This came yesterday, and it is my FAVORITE PRIMER of all time!! It is better than the Water I posted above. This will work on any skin type.
    Smashbox 1.7 fl. oz Jumbo Photo Finish Primer (532-055)

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    • @kemiqueen you have been recommending this to me for a long time and I finally bought it. I will report back when it comes in. Thanks!

    • @pamlou Oh good! It is the best. I hope u like it too!

    • I really like this primer. However, I stopped using because of the amount of silicone in the product. I know everything has cancer causing chemicals but at my age I am paying more attention to what I am putting on my body. I talked to a sales rep at Ulta about it and she said it has more silicone than other products and went on to say lots of chemicals have been found to contribute to breast cancer so you may as well look good. Um, no!

    • @pamlou I assumed u weren’t looking for a silicone free primer since I know u enjoy using SCA.

    • I forgot to add Mooncat shared a lot of her knowledge about different products and how certain ingredients can affect our bodies. Thanks Mooncat! I was listening 🙂

    • Yes, she sure did. I miss Mooncat!! Does anyone know y she hasn’t been on the new forum? I hope it’s her choice and not a technical issue, like some of us had to deal with. Mooncat, plz come back!!


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