• bb since your a beauty expert can you help me with some tips

  • Sure—–Tell me what you need…..I love it all….

  • Have you found a line of skincare here at HSN….Are you looking for treatment, makeup or both.


  • I wear very little make up unless I have a gig, photo shoot or upcoming red carpet award event.

    Last time the makeup artist used fantastic primers, my makeup stayed on all night long. It was by too faced. Any other recommendations? 

  • YES….SMASHBOX—–You need to contact Davis Factor at Smashbox studios. He is sepperated from Smashbox yet he will have a SB artist prep you and his photo shoots are amazing- BB



  • SEPERATED—-Pardon


  • Do you not dare tell me if you sing, I think this is what gig means ? Act or both.BB

  • you USE THE BEE VENOM ???? A friend here turned me onto it—-WOW


  • You just have to be strong —-I have not parted with a parent . Blessings –


  • Im scared of them….but my friend swears by it . If the Royals use it then I had to have it.

    Do you workout, drink tons of water, sleep in strange to you these days im sure.

  • I have traveled many times to work on set- It can be a longgggggggg project.

  • Sorry bb, family just arrived.


    Im loving korres, reminds me so much of Greece. My hands need constant hydration , do you have a handcream favorite?

  • Will you pardon me or feel free to PVT me—Will be back shortly is this ok ?


  • I use an organic line not sold here—-it is very nice . I use it mixed with GENSENG by MARILYN MIGLIN—-Will be back later—-hang in and stay strong. BB

  • LUV2SING—A very busy day, Sunshine made it worth while here. Working on 2 weddings and one is extravagent the less of 2 is making bank. WOUND UP HERE- Anyway hope you are finding comfort in your family.


  • BB,


    When you come out with your own line let me know? This is interesting.




    Have a great evening.



  • Sheba….my new line is going to be simply called DREAMER CREAM—-DIAMOND LIFT-and 

    DAUSS IT SHIMMER—-Im on it-




  • Stick around for a while and see how comical the forum is in the beauty department. You will see that multiple people here are one in the same. Would you really ask an anonymous person ..just because they claim to know everything about makeup for personal advice? Every makeup counter in every mall has experts to help you choose colors and often do free makeovers. You don’t need to buy their products but they give great advice cause they SEE your face! Please be aware and be amused by some posts between people that are one in the same bringing attention to themselves. Cheers!

  • Yes, and I am a billionaire with my own plane. Seriously….it’s getting to the point where the expert here is making quite a silly spectacle. Just take it all in stride. There are alot of smart people here but the advice I read from the so called resident beauty expert is just as helpful as boiling an egg.

  • I appreciate your support. But don’t care if it gets deleted. Its not insulting but inquiring so its not against guidelines!

  • Venice I am not a billionaire either. NOR AM I AN EXPERT–I did not post the heading to this forum post.

    I have read your post and have always replied in a kind and honest manner. To update your post on my answering to the reply you really need to understand the post who requested my advice was just being kind as well as humoring me. The post had just lost her father days prior to this initial forum post-

    I admire the person wanting to escape and join in. To suggest that I was making a silly spectacle of myself was fine with me —I am know for that yet to post such hurtful and mean spirited things you feel are cute is not tolerated. 

    The post was needing to escape and you had already posted with her under another post which was very heated- 

    To suggest that the other male/female forum visitors visit outside cosmetic counters for advice is between you and them. I am annonymous and you my forum friend are one of the reasons why.

    Venice be kinder to others just as I am trying my very best to do as well.


  • Beautyboy, it’s a good thing you haven’t boiled any eggs. You’d have lots of ruined pots!  Make sure to post and ask how to do it or google it before you try.  How can someone know so much about skin care and make up and be so dangerous in the kitchen?! :womanwink:

  • Kathzy that is exactly what happened to me when I first learned how to cook. burned the pot heck I almost burned the whole house.:womansad:

  • Sheba2011…..We sure received some good makeup tips.  My wife might use them but I don’t believe I will.  I’m kinda all natural.


    Now, as to boiling eggs.  BB and I were kind of left high and dry.  I was so desperate for answer that I thought I might call in to HSN the next time Wolfgang Puck was on the air.  Kidding.  I’d never do that.  Anyway for BB, my buddy my pal, I consulted with an expert.  My wife.  This also might be of interest to be nice shopper since she brought up the subject.  Anyway, here goes.


    Put eggs in water and bring to a boil.

    Shut off burner.  BB that’s important.

    Take pot off burner.

    Let set for 11 minutes.  BB don’t touch eggs while hot or we’ll be putting aloe on our fingers.









  • While I was gone just after posting this thread, I had no idea yet again   Something so innocent as a beauty thread on hsn could become so scandalous.  We have fun here, im new to the community and love to participate when I can since my return this week.

    I understand some of you feel the need to use your 5th amendment right . But why do it negatively?  The one person who has reached out to me during more than a horrible time in life has been bb.

    I assure anyone that bb and I talk about infringement rights, etc., in our private non worm coversations.

    Im saying this because if we cant support each other positively than whats the point in bringing negativity to a harmless thread . Are people so insecure that they cannot help their peers here?

    Than this smile thing should be for fun and liking what we read on topic, instead of a gang mentality.

    I dont understand it and bb could change2 words for product and not

    Be in any legal danger, if anyone cares it could have been said with kindness and not a unhappy tone. I wish all a peaceful and prosperous day.

  • Hey BB-

    I’ve been hearing/reading a lot about Boots No 7 makeup and skincare.  It’s been big in the UK and now Target sells it.  It is moderately priced, so attractive in that sense.  Do you have any feedback about the company, especially the effectiveness of the skincare?  Thanks!

  • :womanhappy:Inquiring Minds, has anyone tried another facial wash, they love besides our meltdowns, and purity?? I found Argan Oil, Josie Moran it’s different yet lovely, so  is her makeup it’s white argan oil and blends to your face, very nice. I found one from Korea and it’s strange, makes its own beads….?? Have to find the name, or BB must Know:)

  • Oh m gosh, Korean makeup is the new thing I think. I would love to try the "cushion" makeup. It is a new technology. Interesting…  also, has anyone tried the "micellar waters"? That is a new thing I want to give a try as well. Looks like Perlier has one here so I may go ahead and buy that… hmm. Have you guys ever tried this?  

  • Suzycurlyq- Are you looking at Adriennes cushion makeup ? Yes I have the Micellar water’s and It was ok. 


  • BB, I have ben using your tip and putting moisturizer on my eyebrows and brushing them up using the tool brush on the end of my YBF pencil. The skin round my eyebrow area is smoother and tmy eyebrows are so smooth and silky. Thanks.


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