• Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaner

    Hi All!


    I did buy the anti tarnish strips to store with my silver jewelry.

    But looking to also buy a cleaner.Something hopefully with not too much chemicals.

    Does Sparkle Sparkle clean the tarnish or do I need something else.

    My rings are new and not tarnished yet, but want to have something handy.



  • I use a polishing cloth. Tarnex on something really bad but it smells like rotten eggs. Just takes a quick dip tho…2 seconds and clean. Then I rinse and polish with a silver cloth. Easy to find in most stores. 

  • Me Too! But I have some seriously tarnished silver earrings so will be tracking this post. Good Luck luvmytzu :cathappy:

  • TOOTH BRUSH & TOOTH PASTE—ONLY PASTE- Works fast and is not harsh.


  • Thanks Cindy–I will no longer use tooth paste. GREAT ADVICE—-BB:smileywink:


  • I have the Sparkle Sparkle and like it for the shine but it does not clean the tarnish from my  silver no matter what I do to it.  How does the anti tarnish strips work for you?  I need something to put in my door length mirror armoir because everything is tarnishing.  I am going to google the strips and see how they work.

  • What about the jewelry cleaner from Jay King?

  • I have heard that tomato paste cleans tarnish too…


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