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Samsung Galaxy Centura

How often do you have to purchase a tracfone card? This is my first smart phone and I'm not sure if I need to purchase a new card every month or do I just purchase a new card before my minutes expire and is that total minutes or my talking minutes are ending before my texting or data, do I need to purchase a card?

Thanks so much for any help.
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RE: Samsung Galaxy Centura

A card needs to be purchased every 90 days. We will be purchasing a 60 minute card which will add 180 minutes, texts and data at a cost of $7.00 a month.
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RE: Samsung Galaxy Centura

Hi McBarbie,

You can also purchase a one year service card which costs $99.00 and is probably available at your local stores or you can purchase it on the Tracfone website. I think it comes with 400 minutes which will give you triple talk, text and data.... which will be 1200 each. Then at least you don't have to worry for a long time of running out of service.

Most likely you will need to add more minutes eventually and then each minutes card will give you an additional 90 day service with it.

You can always log into your tracfone account and see how many minutes and service days you have on that day.

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