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Todd English Green Pans

I purchased Todd English's Green Pans a year ago and boy do I feel ripped off ($130). They were incredible for about a week. Then things started to stick more and more until I broke down and had to scrub them with a gentle scrubber pad. I didn't want to completely destroy my new pans. The outside scratched very easily as well. The only way to get meat and other things to lift with the nice browning effect is to lightly deglaze the pan with a little water and flip the meat in the brown "sauce" it creates. That gives the illusion of a nicely browned food. I feel like such a dummy for buying these pans. I watched the presentation for over three hours before deciding to buy them. On top of that I gave all of my old pans away. Im sorry, but if all of these complaints are being posted on HSN's own web site they should not still be selling such a misleading and inferior product. I'm watching them rip off more people at this very moment.
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