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HSN Outlet Stores

I will NEVER shop at another HSN Outlet Store EVER AGAIN. And I suggest you don't either (especially if you are purchasing a GIFT for someone).

I received 3 of the UGLIEST bags I've ever seen, for Christmas. When I took them into the HSN Outlet Store to EXCHANGE them (tags and all)- I was told that (unlike every other store in America) No Exchanges without the receipt.
So now I need to deside if I want to call 3 different relatives, admit that I hated their gifts and ask them to mail me their shopping receipts. God forbid if they bought anything else on that receipt!

I have never heard of such a ridiculious policy, especially when the tag is still on the items, I don't want cash back and it is December 27- clearly unwanted Christmas gifts.

Do your friends and family a favor and buy them gifts at NORMAL Stores, where they can discreetly exchange them if they want to.

And if you are interested in 3 of the ugliest bags ever made, they will be at the Salvation Army on Howard Ave in Tampa in about an hour.

Never Again!

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RE: HSN Outlet Stores

I have to ask..what were the brand names on them..who is the vendor..I really want to look these bags up so I can see what you are talking about..
You could just call the people that sent them and tell them it is such a nice thought sending you a bag but these are just not your would like to exchange them and get something you could use...or let them send them back and get the credit to their account and get you an HSN gift card instead...
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RE: HSN Outlet Stores

TampaQT, I agree that the HSN Outlet Store should accept returns with tags after Christmas, especially if they do not automatically issue gift receipts to the purchasers. At the least, you should get a store credit. I think you're doing the right thing by taking the items to the Salvation Army. The prices may have been very low, which would be embarrassing to the gift givers. One of my gift givers every year gives me something that goes to Goodwill. Just different taste. It's the thought that counts and, even though I can't use what she gives me, I really appreciate that she thinks of me.
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