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Donna the model

Did anyone else see Donna the model in a Sunday circular advertising InvisiEar? I usually notice her on Toni Brattin segments, and I think she was Dr. Rey's favorite model.
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RE: Donna the model

I did not see this ad, but if Im thinking of the dark haired model, I like her. It looked like the models were having the most fun when they were on with Suzanne S.... Im really sorry that shes no longer on, she really knows how to brighten up a room. Not the same on ShopNBC...The only other person that comes close is Heidi Daas, her personality is so cute, but her jewelry, not so much. Being a model looks like the most boring job ever, hope they pay them well, especially for the lingerie... just my opinion.
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RE: Donna the model

I'm sorry Suzanne is not on anymore. She was a trip to watch. When she started with jewelry, she really had beautiful pieces. I wanted to buy everything she made. I have lots and lots of her jewelry. I have several trillant pieces. I guess after she started with her other products, her jewelry suffered somewhat. I don't care much for the channel she's on now. I've learned the products at HSN and I find which ones I like and stick with what I know because of S&H. I hate to return things. I go to different sites and comparison shop. I don't have great shopping close by so I like to my shopping on the web. I have pretty good luck with HSN.
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