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crock pot

Do you use a crock pot
and like it? I just got one recently but havent tried using it
yet. I looked up some recipes online. Are they safe to use, cooking
at these kind of temps? TYVM :-&
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RE: crock pot

I've had several crockpots over the years. I liked using them for making Ham BBQ, ( a Pittsburgh thing with chipped ham) but since I got an electric pressure cooker, the crockpot stays in the cupboard.
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RE: crock pot

LOVE my crock pot, and use it for other things than my PC. Try - I love that site. The lady decided to use her crock pot for every day for one year and I like reading about her hits and misses. There are many different recipes and things you would never think of using your crock pot for. Also, they are all gluten-free, if that is a concern. Enjoy it.
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